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Toddler Boy Room

Toddler Boy Room

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We FINALLY finished Kade's "big boy" room recently and this is a huge accomplishment for me. I am so bad about fully decorating rooms I think partly because we have moved so many times that I've never felt settled enough to just finish all at once. I'm so, so happy to have finished this room though and LOVE the way it turned out. Kade is so proud to show it off to anyone and everyone which makes my heart just burst.



With baby number two on the way, we decided to keep the nursery as "the nursery" and move Kade into a totally new room for the big transition. We wanted to have the bed set up for awhile before moving him in so that we could be hyping it up to him a bit. Once we felt that he was excited enough about sleeping in his new "big boy bed" and we had enough of the room finished, we made the switch. This was Memorial Day weekend.

He did AWESOME. The first day of nap was a no-go but that has been the only time since that he hasn't actually napped in this room which I count as a major win. The only "issue" we had the first couple of weeks was him playing with the curtains and blinds on the window since they are right next to the bed.

After those first few weeks, though, we hit a major rough patch. Something switched in his little brain and he suddenly would not stay in the bed unless Kyle or I was actually in the room with him. This brought about LOTS and lots of conversations trying different approaches to coax him into staying put, quite a few tears on his end, and lots of sitting in the room until he fell asleep. He was also getting out of bed and coming into our room first thing in the morning and walking out of his room as soon as he woke from his naps which we didn't necessarily want.

We were kind of panicking to be honest that this was our new life. Our nights were now spent either back and forth in and out of his room, or sitting on his floor by his bed until he was asleep. Not what we wanted to have with a new baby in the house so we knew we had to do something. We were at a loss on what to do until we decided to get a child safety lock for his door. This has been a life saver, along with a new monitor that allows us to talk to him from outside the room (even though we still have the old monitor mounted in there too). Oh, and sucker bribes. Lots of sucker bribes. Something magically switched back in his brain and we managed to nip the rough patch in the bud- praise the LORD.

One thing that helped distract him from me physically leaving the room at naps and bed time was teaching and talking to him about taking deep breaths. This is one of the silliest things I've ever done but you guys it's worked for us so I've been rolling with it. I pretend to have a birthday cupcake with a candle in it- he can pick the flavor of the cupcake and the color of the candle. We practice smelling the cupcake (breathing in through our nose), and then blowing out the candle (breathing out our mouth). He has loved this and it's been such a great distraction but also has helped him focus on staying calm and not getting worked up over me leaving him in the room.

He now sleeps just fine, stays in his bed, and lets us leave. ;) His naps have been a bit shorter unfortunately but I am still hoping that's just a phase. Also just glad he's still napping at all [I'll take what I can get].



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One thing that was important to me when decorating Kade's new room, was that it was a room he could grow with and not something he would be tired of, or "too big" for in just a few years. We went with a lot of neutrals, and based on the rug I picked out, were actually able to use some decor from his 1st birthday party. This chalkboard "ADVENTURE" sign, for example, was a little DIY I did for his party. The chalkboard itself came from the Target dollar spot and then I just used a chalk marker to write on it.



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Toddler Boy Room

This rug is probably one of my favorite parts of this room. It was gifted to us by Lorena Canals, a company that carries THE CUTEST, softest, all-natural, machine-washable rugs. The colors of the rug work perfectly in this room. We were a little worried about the gray paint color [Sherwin Williams: Latitude] we chose for the walls because of the tan-ish carpet color. This rug ties in both the light grey and the tan/beige tones from the carpet to tie all the colors together. Since we received the rug, and still to this day, Kade will randomly lay down on it and says "I love this new rug!" Because we have it on carpet, we can't put anything under it to keep it from sliding or bunching so we do get a little of that when it's been played on, or sat on more in a day but it's an easy fix. We have also been able to vacuum the rug several times and it comes out looking good as new. We are genuinely so pleased and happy with this piece for Kade's room! In fact, we loved it so much that I reached back out to work with them a second time for the nursery and will share more about that with a nursery reveal post after the baby's born. ;)
[ Azteca Natural - Terracotta ]



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Awhile back, I was sent a roll of chalkboard NuWallpaper courtesy of a company called WallPops! It took me way too long to make a decision on what I actually wanted to do with it and went back and forth about a million times. I would finally come to a decision and then something would hold me back like talk of a job change/move for Ky or something. I decided I wanted to use it in Kade's big boy room and it ended up being the perfect touch. WallPop's "NuWallpaper" is an easy-to-use temporary wallpaper. They sell such a wide variety of wallpapers from prints for nurserys and kids' rooms, to chalkboards or white boards, to trendy things like shiplap. ;)

This reusable wallpaper truly was "easy-to-use" and the smoothing tool that was sent with it was so incredibly helpful. Since I had stored the wallpaper for so long, it was actually a bit creased and I was worried the creases would show once we had it on the wall. The smoothing tool managed to get all the bubbles and creases out perfectly. We only used a small amount of our roll for this chalkboard so I'm excited to eventually use the rest somewhere else in the house.

Once we stuck the wallpaper to the wall, I had my handy hubby measure each side and we went to Lowe's for some wood. We bought the wood there and then he brought it home and cut it to fit around the edges of the chalkboard. We used some left over stain [minwax walnut] we had from a different house project to stain the wood darker and then just drilled a few nails in each board to attach them to the wall. The frame really finished off the whole "chalkboard" look and I then used the same white chalk pen that I had used on the "ADVENTURE" sign to write out the alphabet. The fabric banner was a DIY I did for Kade's 1st birthday party and used on his highchair.



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I had this round, wooden sign made by Kim at My Signature Timber on Etsy and it is easily another favorite piece of this room. For reference, this specific sign was made with E stain, a #35 [light gray], and #34 [cream] with fonts "Terrific" and "Sweetheart." The quality of this product is absolutely incredible and seriously looks so great hanging in Kade's room. Kim offers so many different colors, fonts, designs, and sizes for her signs and she was so, so sweet to work with! Definitely check out her shop on Etsy to see more of her work!



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[ the dresser ][ the planter ][ the lamp ][ the lampshade ] the little bible verse sign was a gift when Kade was born - I want to say it was from Hobby Lobby! :)

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