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Newborn Essentials with NuRoo

Newborn Essentials with NuRoo

3 newborn essentials with nuroo baby

Disclaimer: The products reviewed in this post have not yet been personally tested, but rather are being reviewed based on look, feel, and first impressions. Products were gifted for honest reviews, but product information is all factual and thoughts/opinions are all my own.

Since we are expecting baby number two, I feel that we are pretty prepared in the "baby gear" department. We have just about everything and anything we could possibly need saved from when we had Kade, but there are always certain items that it's nice to start fresh with (burp cloths, swaddle blankets, etc.), and some items that we didn't get to try the first time around. I'm featuring three products in this post that I have yet to try, but am SO looking forward to once the baby arrives.

1. Pocket Shirt Newborn Carrier


I didn't do a lot of baby wearing with Kade because honestly, I spent a lot of my time just sitting around and snuggling him. What else are you supposed to do with your first baby anyway? Once I finally did get active enough to attempt baby wearing, we only had an Ergo which always seemed so bulky just for every-day around the house tasks (which is all I really would have been using it for at that point). Don't get me wrong, we really love our Ergo and would never bash it, I just didn't use it a ton. Kade wasn't crazy about it either, probably because I didn't use it from the very beginning and to be quite honest I never really felt like I was doing it right no matter how many tutorials I watched on YouTube.

All of this to say, I am confident that baby wearing is going to be an absolute necessity come baby number 2. Toddlers are BUSY and I know that won't change once the baby arrives. I want to continue to be active with Kade so I'm excited to try a few different baby wearing options this time around.

The NuRoo Baby Pocket Shirt was designed for hands-free, skin-to-skin contact with baby. That skin-to-skin bonding time is so important early on and I personally think we should be able to stuff (gently and safely, of course) our babies into all of our shirts if we want to. Don't worry, I won't. But I do think this shirt is an awesome idea. Here are some other features of the pocket shirt:

- Mesh under arms and back for ventilation/to release heat
- Support belt included
- Comes in short-sleeve or 3/4 length sleeve
- Soft, sensitive fabric
- Seamless stitching for comfort
- Compression fit to mimic baby in the womb
- Machine washable
- Can be used right from birth
- Supports healthy hip development
- Easy to use
- Nursing-friendly

I received the black short-sleeve pocket and am so excited to try it with this baby. The fabric feels nice and soft and is perfectly light-weight. Let's all say a quick prayer that this baby enjoys being worn around because I'm dying to put my pocket shirt to use.

2. NuRoo Swaddler


We were major swaddlers with Kade, all the way up until he started rolling and it was no longer safe to do so. He slept better when swaddled from birth and even when he got bigger and disliked the process of actually being swaddled, he still slept better once he was. We swaddled him so much that transitioning him OUT of the swaddle was a wild ride. Poor kid didn't know what to do with his hands when he slept if they weren't snuggled up close to his body. As is with any trial or transition with a newborn, we made it through and he now sleeps like a champ.

I'm assuming we will be swaddling with this next baby since we loved it so much with Kade. We mostly used Halo Sleep Sacks, which are great and we will use again, but I'm also open to trying some new swaddlers this time around.

I have the scalloped stripe NuRoo Baby swaddler and am so excited to try it. The print is perfectly neutral, yet still adorable. It is 3 sizes in 1 and grows with the baby. I'm pumped about that feature because each time Kade had a growth spurt, we were back on Amazon ordering new sleep sacks. This swaddler is made with stretchy, soft, light-weight fabric and has wide leg pockets to help promote healthy hip/leg development.

Another great feature about this swaddler and the fabric it's made from, is that it is what they call "moisture-wicking." This means that it is breathable and actually has the ability to pull sweat and moisture off of your baby's skin, through the material and then release it into the air to help keep your baby from overheating. I am especially thrilled about this feature since our baby is due mid-July and I know I will be worried about them being too warm. Lastly, this swaddler seems to be SUPER easy to use- no crazy hoops to jump through to get to happy-baby-burrito status. I'm all about that.

3. NuRoo Multi-Use Cover


This next product is something I had my eye on when I was pregnant with Kade but never ended up actually getting. In short, it's a brilliant invention that serves multiple purposes. These covers can be used for nursing, as car seat covers, shopping cart covers, or even high chair covers at a restaurant. They are made with a breathable fabric to help prevent overheating and they come in two different gender neutral prints (a black and white stripe and a plain gray).

I had a couple different nursing covers that I tried to use with Kade and always struggled. I only ever had ones that hung around my neck and I always felt like it was one more thing to manage while trying to nurse. They didn't quite provide the modest coverage I was looking for and always seemed to be falling to one side or the other. I am excited that this one goes around the whole body as opposed to just hanging around the neck because I feel it will be easier to manage and will provide more coverage.

In terms of covering shopping carts and restaurant high chairs, I can be a bit of a germaphobe so I always loved this idea. I bought one of those fancy schmancy official shopping cart covers with Kade and had such a hard time getting it on the cart that I gave up after the first attempt. I am looking forward to trying this one (which seems much easier to use) so I don't have to spend the first 5 minutes of every shopping trip wiping down every inch of the front of the cart with a wet wipe. ;)

Finally, I am excited about using this product on our car seat. Since we are having a July baby, I will need something that is light weight and breathable yet will still protect baby from the direct sun. This will come in handy on our many stroller walks to the park since our car seat fits into our stroller. 

You can read more about any of these products on the NuRoo Baby website as well as their fashionable nursing scarf, their adorable baby beanies, and/or their bundle offer which is a GREAT option for a shower gift! If you hurry, they are currently offering FREE ground shipping on orders over $24 with code 'HELLOSPRING' at check out. 

Keep following along on Instagram to see posts featuring these products in use once baby arrives! :)

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