I'm so happy you're here. Please stay awhile, and enjoy my attempt at letting you in on moments of this sweet little life.

My 12-Month-Old

My 12-Month-Old

My 12-month-old is now 9 days away from being my 13-month-old but I couldn't let this month totally get away from us without some documentation. He turned ONE on March 30th and all of the photos in this post were taken on that day. You can check out the party we threw him here.

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Milestone Cards

Kade had his 12 month appointment earlier this month and weighed in at 22 pounds (60th percentile), and measured 2'4'' (10th percentile). He was terrified at the start of the appointment and would not let me set him down to be weighed so they had to weigh us both together and then just me and do the math. Pretty much sums up this stage in his life. He clings to me like static electricity and though he is small, his death grip is mighty. He warmed up after awhile and surprisingly took his vaccinations like a champ. He cried real hard for about a minute or two and then for the first time since we'd been there he smiled at, and waved "bye" to the nurse. Go figure.

This month Kade cut the second of his top two teeth and we were thrilled thinking we'd have a little break from the dreaded teething monster. NOPE, wrong. There's more coming somewhere in there we just don't know where quite yet. And whichever ones they are... they are pretty viscous. Those top two teeth are pretty cute though.

He slept ALL through the night for about 4 days straight right around his actual birthday and it was everything I ever hoped it would be. He's done this a few times in the past but this was the longest consecutive stretch yet. Then he reverted back to his norm of waking at least once in the night until two nights ago when he did it again. Last night was the second night in a row and I'm praying, praying, praying it continues despite how miserable he is with his teeth when he's awake.

He loves giving kisses and hugs to alllll the soft stuffed animals and wrestles with the bear he got for his birthday. He pushes his new Thomas the train all over the house and never lets the sounds and songs finish playing through before he's pushing the buttons again and again. His most recent favorite book has been "Pat-A-Cake" by Mary Brigid Barrett and he loves touching his nose to and giving kisses to the textured parts of touch and feel books. 

Newest foods he's tried [and liked]: peanut butter toast & PB/J, peaches, kiwi, graham crackers, and cottage cheese. It's nearly impossible to get veggies in this kid unless they're in the form of a fruit/veggie pouch and at this point I would consider him to be somewhat picky. He would eat shredded cheese and fruit aaaaaallllll day if I'd let him. And those little tropical fruit/veggie melts/yogurt melts. He puts about 15 in his mouth at once to the point where his cheeks are puffy and they are foaming out of his mouth. We've also started really getting into throwing our food on the floor during meal times which I just LOVE. ;) We are working to keep the focus on EATING the food. It's gotten better. 

Foods we have tried and have NOT liked: beans, potatoes, spaghetti, pretty much any vegetable ever. :(

He has an obsession with opening and closing doors, and light switches. He will sit by a light switch, look up at it, and whine or cry until someone picks him up so he can touch it/turn it on and off. It's a super fun game [not]. I am, however, getting really good at distracting his attention away from them as we walk past otherwise we would be standing at light switches all day long.

Random things he's enjoyed playing with lately [other than light switches]: plastic straws, toilet paper, pots and pans, tupperware- this one is old news, unopened cans of black olives that he finds in the bottom of the pantry, shower curtains, regular curtains, air vents, and bottles of hair product [don't worry, he's supervised] found in bathroom cabinets.

He has said the following words:
-mama [not quite associated with me yet I don't think but he knows to look for me if someone asks]
-hi [only once or twice]
-baa baa - when asked what a sheep says or whenever we talk about sheep
-SOMETIMES "moo" or "oo" when asked what a cow says
He also does "baa baa" over and over like he's trying to sing along when we sing "Baa Baa Black Sheep" and also tries to sing along when we sing or when he hears the ABC's.

He can find his toes, his knees, his legs, and when asked to find his nose, mouth, and eyes, he will point to the person's who asked him but not his own. He knows the general area of his tummy/belly button. 

He is SO CLOSE to standing on his own. Actually, he does stand on his own... but only if I sneakily back away from him when he's using me for support. As soon as he realizes he's on his own, he thinks he needs to sit down or lean over to me. Once he gets just a little bit more confident [and we're getting there] he will be that much closer to those first steps. For now, he cruises on and stands up at just about anything and everything. 

Everyone always says that each new stage is the best and I'm finding this to be so true. Though there are new struggles with impossible diaper changes, temper tantrums, and learning the art of SHARING with other tiny friends, I am loving this stage so much. He is growing into a little person right before my eyes and sometimes I still can't believe that he is the same tiny baby I cradled in my arms a little over a year ago. 

My prayer for Kade is that he would grow up to be brave and strong. I pray that he would be passionate like his dad and compassionate like his mama. I pray that he would come to know and follow the Lord and lead others to do the same. I thank God every day that I get to be his mama and pray these things over him as he grows.

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