I'm so happy you're here. Please stay awhile, and enjoy my attempt at letting you in on moments of this sweet little life.

Kade Parker [ 22 Months ]

Kade Parker [ 22 Months ]

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Well I think my last "monthly update" for Kade was at 13-15 months. I was babbling on and on about how it was my all-time favorite stage and I wrote a list a mile long about all of the little words or phrases he was saying and pronouncing so perfectly incorrectly. Our little chatty cathy was talking before he was walking and I have absolutely loved every single second of knowing his voice and hearing even just a sliver of what runs through his mind.

I'm feeling like time is going at warp speed right now. It's always gone fast but I think someone must've pressed fast forward because yikes. Kade is now 22 months old and I think it was either yesterday or last week sometime that I was just bringing him home from the hospital after being born. I'm going to blink and it will be his 2nd birthday. I thought about waiting until that day to post another update but there are so many great things about this little life that I'm terrified of forgetting, I couldn't go another day without word vomiting it all somewhere so I know I'll have it forever.

We have a sign hanging in his room that says "how is it possible that out of all the little boys in the world, we got the best one?" I literally think this in my head at least once a day. Kade is not your average toddler. Yes, he has monstrous meltdowns, yes he overuses the word "no," yes he is an incredibly picky/terrible eater, yes he whines, yes there are moments, days, weeks where he makes me want to rip out all of my hair. He is far, far, far, from perfect. BUT, I do think he is different. In a good way.

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Kade is cautious. He is gentle. He is an observer. He is soft spoken in a crowd but never stops talking in his own home. He is a snuggler. He gives wet kisses and tight hugs. He is sweet, he is silly, and his love for life is contagious. My favorite way to describe him is when he's not driving me nuts he is either making me LAUGH or melting my heart.

I mentioned word vomiting earlier and that's what's about to happen. There are things Kade does, things he says, things he loves and doesn't love - and I don't want to forget ANY of it. I want to just put it all here so I can keep a tiny piece of this stage forever.

- Kade is obsessed with stuffed animals. He gravitates toward them whenever he sees them no matter where we are. He calls his stuffed animals his "guys" or his "friends." His favorites are Black Kitty, Orange Kitty, Little Kitty, Dino Dinohore (which is how he says dinosaur), Big Bird, Mr. Bear, Monkey, and Bunny. He has many more but these are the ones he calls by "name" most often and the ones he gives most of his attention to.

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- He carries "his guys" around the house with him wherever he goes, sometimes as many as he can carry. He looks them in the eye and talks softly to them. He reads to them or asks me to read to them. He gives them drinks of his water and feeds them snacks. He gives them "big hugs" and kisses and for some reason wipes their eyes and tells me they had water in them. He says things like "I can rock you," or "I can hold you" to his guys and he says "let's huggle" before he snuggles them. We finally let him start bringing a couple with him in his crib when he sleeps and he is over the moon about it. 

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- Kade's music of choice is Johnny Cash. Kyle goes through occasional Johnny Cash phases and apparently Kade caught on and grew fond of a few of his hits. His favorites are Ring of Fire and Walk the Line. He sings along. I also catch him singing "Won't Back Down" from time to time. Every now and then he will request Keith Urban, too but Johnny Cash is definitely the fave. Him and daddy have a silly marching dance that they do when an upbeat Johnny Cash song comes on so Kade will request to "Get Johnny Cash goin' and be hilly" (silly). Or he will say "Play Johnny Cash and be hilly wit daddy." It's pretty cute.

- He makes lots of connections. This morning at school, he noticed that they have the same Melissa & Doug car rug that we have here at home and he excitedly exclaimed, "That's my favorite rug!" If he sees a book/object of some sort somewhere that we have he will say "Just like my book at home!" One time we saw a zebra in a book and I was talking about how they have black and white stripes. He happily said, "Just like me!" Didn't quite get that connection but we rolled with it. ;)

- Kade likes being a helper. One of his more recent catch phrases has been "Maybe I can help..." He says this when there is a big mess to clean up, something to fix or set up, or if there's something that Kyle or I are doing that he wants to be a part of.

- He is super into things that go... garbage trucks, school buses, choo choo trains, mail trucks, airplanes, helicopters, snow plows, diggers, bulldozers, dump trucks, etc.

- Kade LOVES Daniel Tiger. We watch in our bed when he wakes up in the morning since some days that can be as early as 5:20 AM. We also watch after nap with a snack. He has learned so many phrases, songs, and concepts from this show so I don't feel TOO guilty about letting him watch. ;) He really loves Baby Margaret, and Katarina Kitty Cat but covers his eyes and/or snuggles up closer to me whenever someone is scared/nervous or if someone gets hurt. He used to be afraid of King Friday for some reason but that seems to have faded. We have to skip past the very first episode because he is afraid of Daniel's smashed tiger birthday cake and we have to skip past the part in the episode about waiting when they are waiting for the chick to hatch from the egg. Totally freaks him out- lol.

- When he is in awe of something he will whisper "wooww..."

- He recently started saying things like "That'll be fun!" or "This'll be fun!" 

- He plugs/covers his ears when he poops and nobody can figure out why.

- He loves to run up and down our hallway especially if someone is running with him or chasing him.

- He likes to play "hide and seek" with daddy.

- He let daddy give him his first official haircut and did SUCH a good job. (Below is the first picture I took of him after the fresh cut).

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- He absolutely LOVES playing in the snow and sledding in the backyard with daddy, especially at night and especially when he can see the moon.

- He sometimes says "hi" to random things like the heater in our house or his play doh. If he comes back to something he was playing with earlier in the day he will say "Hi, ____, I'm back!"

- For the longest time, the only response we would get to questions that had a "yes" answer was an awkward, excited giggle. He knew how to respond with "no thank you" but never quite figured out "yes please." Just recently, and only every once in awhile, if the answer to a question is "yes," he will reply with an excited "yep yep!" OR he will more often say "dat's a good idea!" or "okay mommy let's do dat." 

- He has started saying "Can I get it!" or "Can I hold it!" if there's something that he wants as a way of asking for something. He will also say "Can I help" when he wants to help with something.

- When saying "bye" to someone on FaceTime (which we do often with grandparents/siblings since we live long distance), he has started saying "Bye *whoever we're talking to*, see you next time!"

- He says things like "That's a funny one!" or "That's a big one!" or "That's a loud one!"

- He says that certain things are "ho hilly" which in translation says "so silly."

- He loves to be tickled, held upside down, thrown up high, etc. and when he wants Kyle to lift him up he says "Lift you ho (so) high."

- When Kyle gets home from work he sometimes says "I missed you daddy!" and when he leaves for work in the morning I've gotten him used to saying "Have a good day!" and both are just about the cutest things ever. When daddy leaves the room he says "Let's chase daddy!" and follows him.

- Kade's imagination is outrageous. He takes a flashlight into a dark room and pretends to look for lions and tigers (thanks Daniel Tiger). We have a big piece of Styrofoam left over from a package we got a month or so ago and he pretends to fly it around the room like an "airplane." He will put things on the floor and pretend to splash in them like puddles. He swims "like a fishy" in the bathtub and anytime we pull into the garage he says it's "dark and quiet like a cave..."

- He knows most colors pretty accurately and even some shapes (mostly circle, rectangle, triangle, heart, and star). He can count to 13 then continues with "ferteen, ferteen, ferteen" and usually phases out after that.

- Kade recently had a play date and I overheard him saying things like "Can I take a turn?" He had no problem with his friend playing with his toys and if there was something he wanted, he patiently waited until they were finished playing before snatching it for himself (he is not very assertive AT ALL which I'm hoping doesn't come back to bite him later in life). This morning at school he was coloring and (for the first time EVER), I heard him very quietly and timidly extend the invite for another little boy to join him. He said "Come color with us." Even though no one heard him but me, I melted.

- When Kade wakes up, both in the mornings and from his naps (typically), he lays happily chit chatting to himself, snuggling his guys and just relaxing. For quite awhile. In the mornings he sometimes lays in there for almost an hour which is nice when it's a 5:20 AM wake up call and we can keep dozing while he happily chats and plays. We know that he is ready to get up when we start to hear "Moooommmmmyyyyyy.... where aaaaarre yooooooouuu?"

- In case you missed it, we are expecting another sweet babe this July! We are over the moon about our new addition and have been talking to Kade about it here and there even though it's still a ways away. We are slightly worried about "jealousy" being an issue with the new baby since he is so very attached to me [though his separation anxiety and stranger danger has gotten much, much better]. Aside from this, we are CONFIDENT that he is going to make the absolute best big brother. With his careful, sweet, and gentle demeanor, we know that he will be great around a baby. The way he loves and cares for his stuffed animals and talks to them in a baby voice just confirms our feelings. We cannot WAIT to see him with a sibling and know that although it will be an adjustment for all of us, it will be such a grand adventure. :)

2018 [thus far] PHOTO DUMP:

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One last thing... In the last two pictures here with the train, he had a little lego guy riding in that train car and he kept saying "All aboard! Chugga chugga choo choo! Have a nice train ride!"

Could not love this child more if I tried and thank God every day that he is in my life!

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