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Indian Corn with Legos

Indian Corn with Legos

Indian Corn painting with Legos thanksgiving activity for toddlers

Three stacked legos worked as the perfect paintbrush to create our Thanksgiving Indian corn! Kade had so much fun using them to make "polka dots" on his paper. I showed him a picture of some Indian corn to help him visualize what we were making. 

For projects like this, I find it works best to let them paint/create on a regular sized piece of paper first, and then I cut out whatever shape I want it to be in later once it's dry. It's easier for little ones to get the paint on the actual paper when they have more surface area to work with. For this activity in particular, I just cut a piece of paper in half and taped it to a cookie tray (to avoid paint on our table as much as possible).

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I put some brown and yellow paint in two separate little containers and stacked three brown legos and three yellow legos for each container. You don't have to do three stacked, I just did it this way to help avoid messy fingers- though any sort of painting activity typically eventually turns into finger painting regardless. ;)

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Once his art work dried, I cut out the shape I wanted, cut three strips of brown paper, folded them accordion-style, and taped them onto the back of the corn. If your child is a little older, I would definitely let them help with this part! You could even draw the shape of the corn for them and have them help cut it out. 

Kade was excited to see the finished product when he woke from his nap that day. I love the way the legos worked as paint brushes and will definitely use them again sometime for another project!

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