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How to Get Your Child Excited About Books

How to Get Your Child Excited About Books

As a former kindergarten and preschool teacher, I have a special place in my heart for early literacy. I really believe that there is no age too young to develop a love for reading.

There are many ways to get little ones excited about reading from a young age. The first step is probably pretty obvious: READ WITH THEM. You can start reading a variety of books with your baby as soon as they're born. In fact, many expecting moms will read to their babies even BEFORE that point. Not only does this serve as an excuse for extra cuddles and an additional way to bond, but it is also a great way to develop vocabulary and to create visual stimulation.

I actually wasn't great about reading to Kade when he was really little because I felt like he wasn't really interested. I continued to put books out for him to explore and would flip through one with him every now and then. I was terrified that I was going to have a kid who hated books and wanted nothing to do with reading them. Every teacher's worst nightmare.

Around 6 months, he started to turn the pages of books all on his own and they became one of his favorite, go-to "toys." It just about made my heart explode. He is now 13.5 months and still loves to look at books and be read to. We read a book before every nap and before bed at night, as well as whenever he crawls over to his book basket throughout the day. We also love to SWITCH OUT THE BOOKS every month or so and correlate them with current holidays/seasons. This is another great way to make reading seem fresh, new, and exciting!

At this stage, he is really looking at the pictures, pointing at things and wanting me to tell him what they are, and trying to name things on his own. He gets excited about certain types of books and when he sees pictures of things he knows and recognizes.

For example, he is really into animals right now. Dogs, "kitties," birds, bunnies, and especially farm animals. My mom bought us the board book version of Pete the Cat's Old MacDonald Had a Farm and he became obsessed. This was good timing on Grammy's part because it was right around the time we were really starting to work on our animal noises. For awhile there, singing "Old MacDonald Had a Farm" was just about the only way I could get through a car ride, a diaper change, nail clipping, etc. without a meltdown [yay toddlers].

Another way, and probably one of the best ways, to get your child excited about reading at a young age, is to get them a PERSONALIZED BOOK. Sure, you can insert your child's name in a book anywhere you want in order to make it more personal [which is great to do] when they are young enough not to know the difference. BUT! How cool to have the name actually IN the book, especially for when they get old enough to start learning to recognize, spell and write their names? We got this personalized book [about farm animals, of course] for Kade from I See Me Books and it has quickly become a favorite of all time. And yes, that is HIS FACE in the book.

"Kade's Farm Friends" has his name and his face on every single page in the book, the illustrations are colorful, bright, and absolutely adorable, and my favorite- it rhymes. Being able to hear/recognize a rhyme and eventually come up with words that rhyme are important skills when it comes to learning to read and write. I feel like Kade gets into books more when they rhyme, too because they are catchy.

Kade is the farmer in the story and each page features him with a different farm animal. His face looks so darn cute stuck on top of a little farmer's body I can hardly even stand it. It is easy to make the story interactive by having him find his face on each page, point to the different animals, and tell the animal sounds.

I came across I See Me Books and was so excited about their personalized products. I had no idea how much of a selection they had until I went to their site and browsed. They have book options with sturdy pages for the younger, not-so-careful readers, books for different ages, books geared toward different interests [trucks, farm animals, princesses etc.], books for new babies, books for siblings, books that make great gifts for birthdays or for grandparents,  alphabet books, bed time books, sing along books - the list goes on. They also have some gift sets that come with a stuffed animal of a character in their book. Not all of the personalized books have the option for the child's picture but I love this added touch to our book, especially for Kade's age. These are the books that have the photo personalization option.

In addition to their wide selection of books, they offer other personalized products as well. They sell growth charts, stickers, coloring books, puzzles, ornaments, lunch boxes, and placemats, all personalized. All of these products, books included, make such thoughtful gifts and keepsakes for little ones.

I am so thrilled to have stumbled upon this company and am excited to purchase more of their books and possibly some of their other products for Kade and our future children.

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