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Free Printable Easter/Spring Activities

Free Printable Easter/Spring Activities

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I always get shot out of a cannon with fun activity ideas when a new season or holiday rolls around. I wanted to share how Kade and I have been using some Easter/spring printables I created, along with some other ideas I had for them when creating. I always love seeing different interpretations of activities that we do and printables we use, so if you think of something that I have not, please be sure to share it with me either via a tag in an Instagram story, a comment on this post, or even a quick e-mail! It brings me so much joy to see and hear how my posts inspire intentional play in other households or classrooms. :)

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For this activity, I printed the materials, cut and laminated them so that we could re-use them as much as we wanted, and then decided to turn the activity into a gross-motor game to help cure our cabin fever a bit. We have a long hallway that runs from our living room down towards the bedrooms and bathroom on our main level. Kade looks for any excuse to run up and down this hallway so I taped the bunnies along one of the walls. Before taping them up, I had put a strip of Velcro on each of the bunnies' tummies and on the backs of the colored carrots. We started at the couch in our living room and I surprised Kade with a colored carrot. His job was then to tell me the color and then run down the hall to find the matching colored bunny. Once he stuck the carrot to its tummy, he ran back for the next colored carrot!

This activity could also be simplified to just a matching game spread out on the floor, or you could hide the colored carrots in a sensory bin and have your child find each carrot and then place them on the matching colored bunny. Sensory bin ideas could be Easter grass, dried black beans, green split peas, colored rice, or uncooked pasta noodles.

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This activity is very similar to the color matching one and can be used in all the same ways. Instead of taping this one around our house, we just laid them all out on the kitchen floor and matched the shapes. I still used Velcro just so that the matching felt more official but this is totally unnecessary. Another thought I had was using magnetic strips to put them up on the fridge to keep kiddos busy while mama cooks. ;)

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This one has been a huge hit because of the dried black beans. I think Kade could play in these all day if I let him! I poured a bunch in a bin along with some mini carrot erasers that we found in the Target dollar section. The idea was for Kade to pick out the carrots and "feed the bunnies" however many each of them asked for. We talked about how each bunny wasn't "full" until they had the correct number of carrots. They would "talk to him" and tell him they were still hungry as we counted to fill them up. I only printed the first page (1-4) for Kade because of his age and current ability level. The printable I created, however, does go up to 8. He loved pretending to actually feed the bunnies the carrots and of course loved digging through the beans to find them.

If you don't have, or feel like buying mini carrot erasers, I included some printable carrots for you to use in the same way. We laminated this activity as well so that we could re-use it but you could always at least slide the main page in a plastic sheet cover if you don't have access to a laminator. If you don't feel like printing and cutting all of the carrots, you could do this during snack time with real baby carrots or carrot chips, or you could use the printable as a play doh mat and have your child use orange play doh to make carrots for the bunnies.

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One final non-bunny feeding counting activity that I created is this Eggs in a Basket game. I created some colored eggs for you to print and use and also some plain white ones in case you and your kiddo want to decorate them yourself first. I laminated mine again so we could re-use but as always it's not necessary. If you don't want to use the printable eggs I included, you could use real plastic eggs, chocolate eggs (if you can resist the temptation to eat them ALL), jelly beans (ditto), OR put the printables in plastic sheet covers and use them as play doh mats. Your kiddo can then create eggs out of play doh to fill up the baskets. This printable focuses on counting up to 6.

You can download all of these printables for free by clicking the image below. :)
Happy Easter- you are loved!

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