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Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day Gift Guide

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I married the most practical man on earth. His Christmas lists consist of only things he will actually get use out of and he puts a lot of thought into gifts that he buys for others. He is not one to buy me flowers [though he does it anyway because he knows I love them ;)] because they will just be dead in a week or so [such a guy]. He would rather spend money on something that I can enjoy and use for much longer.

I don't know if this is just a guy thing, or just a MY guy thing, but it has really helped me to think more practically when it comes to gift-giving. He helped me brainstorm a list of Father's Day gifts that have either proven themselves to be useful in our first few years of marriage, or that he is confident he would absolutely love and use regularly. You know these ideas are coming from a man because some of the tool-related ones I wouldn't touch with a 10-foot pole for fear of injury.

[This post contains affiliate links to products that I highly recommend.]
Here is a list of 8 gift ideas for your loved one this Father's Day:

BEVERAGE RELATED [R-TIC brand- NOT sponsored]

We LOVE R-TIC. Have you heard of Yeti? Yeah. R-TIC is basically Yeti, but cheaper. Their products are JUST as great, if not better, and are significantly more reasonably priced.

1. RTIC 30 oz Tumbler

Kyle and I both have one of these and it does not leave our sight. It is the only thing we drink water out of and we lug it around with us everywhere we go. Yes, it is big, and yes it is a little heavier than your average tumbler, BUT- if you fill it with a handful of ice at the beginning of the day, that ice will still be there by day end. If your ice happens to melt, your water will for sure still be cold. To me, that is worth the extra weight! I prefer to drink from a straw, and you can totally still do that with these as well. Kyle also has a Yeti tumbler that he had gotten as a gift before we bought our R-TICs, and he can honestly say that there is no difference between the two- the R-TIC brand is just as great.

2. RTIC 10 oz Lowball with Lid

So neither Kyle nor myself are big drinkers, but we have friends who enjoy whiskey and apparently a "lowball" is commonly used for drinking whiskey? Obviously we do not have one of these, but having friends who are into this sort of thing and knowing many others are, we thought that this could serve as a great gift. Plus, it's R-TIC so you know it's good.

3. RTIC 20 Soft Pack Cooler

This is on Kyle's wish list for himself. We use a small cooler like this almost every time we go on a road trip back to visit our family in IL and this one is SO nice. It can keep ice up to 5 days [hold on while I pick my jaw up off the floor] and does not sweat or leak. They have these in different sizes, too, but this is a great size for short little road trips or a trip down to the beach!

TOOL RELATED [great for DIY projects ;)]

Maybe you know, and maybe you don't, but we are smack dab in the middle of a kitchen renovation. Kyle has decided to take it all on by himself having done noooootthing like this before in his life. The brunt of it is complete, thankfully, but he has had to purchase SO many new tools in order to get to this point. Since this is our life right now, naturally he had lots of tool suggestions as we brainstormed gift ideas. What guy doesn't get excited about a new tool?

4. Chop Saw

Don't ask me personally to tell you anything about these or to go near one because it looks terrifying but Kyle is like a kid in a candy store with this thing. He just bought one for himself for our kitchen renovation and I know that he has gotten a TON of use out of it and highly recommends this one in particular. What guy wouldn't get excited about something that looks like this? Maybe this will give him the push he needs to work on that house project you've been hinting at for who knows how long... ;) ;)

5. Makita Drill

I argued with him on this one saying what guy doesn't own a drill?! But he reminded me that he only just got this one a couple of years ago so you just never know. He loves this drill [and Kade LOOOVVES watching him use it- added bonus]. He says it is a great "starter drill" and the battery will last for an all-day project. He used it to put together every single one of our IKEA cabinets for our new kitchen and has used it for all of the times I've bossed him around [lovingly] to hang wall décor in our home. ;)

6. Sawzall

dewalt 10-amp sawzall.jpg

I QUOTE an exact text from Kyle the week we were gone while he stayed home from work to do the kitchen renovation:
"Don't know how I ever lived without a sawzall - coolest tool ever."
Need I say more?


7. M-Clip [money clip]

I bought one of these for Kyle for some sort of an occasion [I can't even remember now... birthday? Anniversary? Christmas? Not important] and he uses it on the daily. Well, for as often as you use a wallet I guess. This brand/style of money clip is especially great because the sides slide up and you can open it like a clothespin. In my opinion, that's way easier to get things in and out of then those ones that you have to try and squeeeeze everything into. Kyle swears by money clips in general because he loves that he can put it in his front pocket and doesn't have to sit on it in his back pocket. He says that sitting on a wallet like that can throw off your back too, which makes sense. This is a really practical gift and there are a lot of different styles out there to choose from!

8. Hand-crafted, wood watch

If I had a nickel for every time Kyle asked me "what time is it?" while standing in the same room as a clock on the wall or with his cell phone literally in his pocket, I would be ROLLING in the dough. I don't know what it is about having to TELL TIME but he just isn't all about it. Enter, a sweet new watch. These JORD watches are aaaaamazing. Kyle was actually super impressed with the quality of the watch and was very pleased with how lightweight it is. They come in a wooden, magnetic box that is just as beautiful as the watch itself so you wouldn't even have to worry about gift wrap. ;) JORD also offers the option to have your watch personalized/engraved which always makes for a more special, thoughtful gift. I picked out the Reece Series Walnut & Navy because Kyle wears a lot of navy and like most of their watches, I felt like it was casual enough for every day wear but also nice enough to wear to a more formal event. They are having a special Father's Day sale right now and are offering 15% off the full men's collection.

I have teamed up with them to offer a GIVEAWAY for $100 toward one of their watches and $25 toward one JUST for entering. All you have to do is click here and it is SUPER easy to enter.

I hope that you found this list somewhat helpful in finding the perfect gift for the dad[s] in your lives! Happy Father's Day!

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