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8 Favorite Valentine Board Books

8 Favorite Valentine Board Books

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I did a post like this featuring our favorite Valentine books last year and wanted to do another one since we have a handful of NEW favorites! You can find our favorite picks from last year HERE!

We are definitely still loving all of the ones featured in last year's post and have simply added to our collection this year. My hope in sharing these with you is that you might find at least one new book (if not more!) that brings your child as much joy as they do mine!

Here is a list of our favorites this year:

1. Beecause I Love You

Beecause I Love You 8 Favorite Valentine Board Books

This is actually one that we keep out all year and have in Kade's room for his bed time story stash. It's short and sweet - perfect for bed time, right? ;)

2. Happy Love Day, Daniel Tiger!

Happy Love Day Daniel Tiger 8 Favorite Valentine Board Books

Daniel Tiger is Kade's favorite TV show (and really the only one we let him watch other than the occasional football game with dad). We have started collecting a few of these lift the flap books and he just loves them. The stories and characters are all familiar and I just love seeing him make the connections from the story to the actual episode. 

3. How Many Do I Love You?

How Many Do I Love You 8 Favorite Valentine Board Books

I had never seen or heard of this one before and just stumbled across it on Amazon one day. I'm so glad I did because it is SO CUTE! Plus I always love when there is an added number/math/counting component. ;)

4. Huggy Kissy

Huggy Kissy 8 Favorite Valentine Board Books

I have had my eye on this one for awhile and am so excited we finally have it! Such a cute one, especially if you have a snuggly little babe who is all about the cuddles and sugars!

5. I Love You, Snugglesaurus!

I Love You Snugglesaurus 8 Favorite Valentine Board Books

Kade loves this one because of the big ole' squishy, shiny heart on the front cover (you can't tell from this picture). Such a fun, (short & sweet) little book that has a big flap on each page. These lift the flap books are such a great way to get your kiddos more involved in the book as you read!

6. I Ruff You

I Ruff You 8 Favorite Valentine Board Books

This is another one I actually pulled from Kade's bed time stash that works especially well for Valentine's Day! We have read this one so many times that I think we all (Kade included) could recite it by memory. :)

7. Kisses and Cuddles

Kisses and Cuddles 8 Favorite Valentine Board Books

This is one of the three books we received in our Bookroo book subscription box this month! Small plug for this company, by the way (not sponsored... my mom got us a subscription!), we have gotten SO MANY cute books from them! They come individually wrapped like little presents and Kade always gets so excited when a new package of books arrives. I absolutely love this one and think it's perfect to read at bed time since it ends talking about cuddles and kisses from mama as we say goodnight! :)

8. I Love Pete the Kitty

Pete the Kitty 8 Favorite Valentine Board Books

We have an Old MacDonald Pete the Cat book that got Kade hooked on Pete at a very young age. This one talks about all of the different things that Pete loves from the playground and his skateboard to the way his mom and dad hug him, kiss his nose, and tickle his belly!

That's it for this year on our Valentine favorites! Here's a picture of these books, and the rest of our Valentine collection, all set up in Kade's room:

8 Favorite Valentine Board Books 4.png

You can also read about the DIY heart garland (that Kade helped make) above the crates in this picture HERE. :) The crates are from IKEA and we just stained them!

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Kade Parker [ 22 Months ]

Kade Parker [ 22 Months ]

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