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3-Ingredient Snow Paint

3-Ingredient Snow Paint

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We have been in negative temperatures over here this past week and are feeling very cooped up (anyone else already ready for spring?). I've been trying to plan fun things for us to do while we're stuck inside and painting -in any shape or form- always seems to be a hit. 

I typically like to prep activities either the night before or while Kade is napping, but sometimes I'm not sure how things will sit over night and the mornings can be really long when he's up before 6 and doesn't nap until noon. Plus, it adds to the fun when he is able to "help" with the prep. He loves anything to do with stirring and mixing, so this was especially fun for him.

Snow Paint Ingredients:
- Water
- Flour
- Salt
- OPTIONAL: Glitter

You will need to measure out equal parts of the flour, salt, and water, and mix it all together. We did 1/2 cup of each and still had way more than what we actually needed. We also added some blue glitter for fun. I would have done silver or white but I didn't have any so we made the blue work. Kade loved stirring all of the ingredients together and was pretending it was mac and cheese. ;) We did end up needing to add a little more water as we mixed to get it to the consistency we wanted. 

Thicker paper, like cardstock or construction paper, will likely work best for this activity. We used a dark/royal blue color cardstock. I used a white crayon to draw a snowman (with a black hat) on one piece, and some snowflakes on another piece.

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You may notice I like to put our painting/art projects on a cookie sheet. I fold a little bit of scotch tape in each corner on the back of the paper to attach it to the tray. This is to TRY and contain the paint a bit more (though as you can see, there is a nice big glob on the table, so it doesn't always work) and to help keep the paper from sliding around.

This paint dries a really bright white and kind of scratchy/puffy. I was so happy with how it turned out on the blue paper! A great indoor activity for a cold, snowy day. :) Feel free to PIN and save for later!

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