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25 Books of Christmas

25 Books of Christmas

25 Books of Christmas Countdown for toddlers and young kids 7.png

Growing up I always felt like the countdown to Christmas was [almost] just as fun/exciting as the day itself. I knew I wanted to build up Christmas a bit more for Kade this year as he's at an age where he's starting to really understand things. I'd seen, heard of, and read about this idea on Pinterest before even having Kade and knew I wanted to try it someday. I'm so glad I did because it was really fun!

It took quite awhile to wrap all the books but it was totally worth it. I stuck with the Christmas theme this year and gathered up all of the age-appropriate Christmas books that I already had. I had some in my teaching stash, and had some board books that I'd bought for Kade last year but he hasn't seen since then and I knew he wouldn't remember them. The rest of the books this year came from Kade's Mimi [my mom]. Grandparents are just the best, aren't they?

I'm sure there are many different ways to make this tradition work, but here's how we did it this time. I kept most of the wrapped books downstairs and out of Kade's reach. Each day I would put a new book under the Christmas tree and whenever he discovered it, we would open it. I typically would read it to him as soon as we'd open it and then sometimes we'd bring it to his room and read it again before bed. They all went in a basket once opened that sat under the tree.

25 Books of Christmas Countdown for toddlers and young kids 3.jpg

I think that if I decide to do this again next year, I will probably do SOME new Christmas books, but also throw in some other new, just regular/any time of year books to continue growing our library. I had a lot of people interested and asking about book recommendations for this Christmas countdown so I compiled a list of all 25 books [in no particular order] that we used this year. I linked them all [with affiliate links but I actually do recommend them] to Amazon and included a picture and a short description or something we enjoyed about each book. I hope this list is helpful!

1. Merry Christmas - Bright Baby Touch & Feel
These Bright Baby books are GREAT for infants but Kade enjoys the simplicity of them and we never turn away a touch & feel. ;)

Merry Christmas Bright Baby.jpg

2. Mini Tab: Christmas
This is a sweet little Christmas story and the tabs make it nice and easy for little fingers to turn pages!

Mini Tab Christmas.jpg

3. Winter - Bright Baby Touch & Feel
This one is nice because it can stay out past Christmas.

Winter Bright Baby.jpg

4. Reindeer's Snowy Adventure - Touch & Feel
The cutest, short & sweet story of an adventurous little reindeer. It is another touch & feel PLUS Kade is obsessed with anything that has a little handle so he can carry it around with him. ;)

Reindeer's Snowy Adventure.jpg

5. Our Little Deer
We love these books and have several of them. They rhyme and always have the sweetest message for your little one. 

Our Little Deer.jpg

6. Merry Christmas, Daniel Tiger!
This was one of Kade's favorites this year. He is a major Daniel TIger fan, loved lifting the flaps on each page and re-telling it with me as we flipped through it for the millionth time each night. ;)

Merry Christmas Daniel Tiger.jpg

7. Snowflake Day!
This one is based on an actual episode of Daniel Tiger which is probably why it was another favorite this year.

Snowflake Day.jpg

8. Merry Christmas, Mouse!
We love Laura Numeroff books! This one is great because there is an added counting bonus as Mouse puts a different number of ornaments (1-10) on his tree on each page. 

Merry Christmas Mouse.jpg

9. Biscuit's Pet and Play Christmas - Touch & Feel
These Biscuit books are always really simple and cute. Plus, what kiddo doesn't love a story with a puppy dog? It's also another touch and feel. ;)

Biscuits Pet and Play.jpg

10. Curious George: Curious About Christmas - Touch & Feel
Touch and feel strikes again! Kade was obsessed with the "guy" in the yellow hat from this book and would get excited whenever he made an appearance.

Curious George Curiuos About Christmas.jpg

11. Christmas in the Manger
This is one of my personal favorites and Kade really liked it too. It features a different character from the Christmas story on each page with a short and sweet little description. The last page features baby Jesus and says "I am the baby, asleep in the hay and I am the reason for Christmas Day." *heart eyes* - We loved reading this one before bed so we could say "night night baby Jesus!"

Christmas in the Manger.jpg

12. Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer: Santa's Big Day
I linked these next three to Amazon though I'm not sure you can actually purchase them there. I snagged these simple holiday board books in the dollar spot at Target.

Rudolph Santa's Big Day.jpg
Rudolph Helps Out.jpg
Rudolph Wonderful Winter.jpg

15. Little People: The Story of Christmas
This is a great one for littles learning the Christmas story. It is especially nice if you have the Little People nativity set to go along with it!

Little People Story of Christmas.jpg

16. Frosty the Snowman
This is the classic Frosty the Snowman song... a must-have!

Frosty the Snowman.jpg

17. Surprise: A Book of Christmas Shapes
Kade enjoyed turning the pages from the little squares in the middle of each page that get smaller and reveal a different surprise. :)

Surprise a Book of Christmas Shapes.jpg

18. Llama Llama Holiday Drama
I think the Llama Llama books are some of my all-time faves. They are just the cutest and this one has such a great story line with a sweet, heart-felt message at the end. 

Llama Llama Holiday Drama.jpg

19. Santa Claus: Funny Faces
This one has a different Christmas character on each page and they all have the same goofy eyes and big, red, shiny noses. Kade loved pushing on the "squishy eyes."

Santa Claus Funny Faces.jpg

20. Little Blue Truck's Christmas
Favorite by far! Such a great little story with a counting/subtraction component starting with 5 trees and a different animal buys one until there is one left for the Little Blue Truck. There are farm animal noises which is always a big hit, and the last page lights up which is just the coolest!

Little Blue Truck's Christmas.jpg

21. It's Christmas, David!
Christmas with a toddler summed up in a book. ;)

It's Christmas David!.jpg

22. There Was An Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell!
These books were always a big hit in my kindergarten classroom. 

There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Bell.jpg

23. The Twelve Days of Christmas
This is the actual "Twelve Days of Christmas" song... we love books that make us sing songs. ;)

Twelve Days of Christmas.jpg

24. Bear Stays Up For Christmas
Bear so badly wants to be sleeping/hibernating but all of his friends want him to stay up with them for Christmas. Such a sweet story of friendship!

Bear Stays Up For Christmas.jpg

25. Click, Clack, Ho! Ho! Ho!
A holiday version of the popular book "Click, Clack, Moo: Cows That Type."

Click Clack Ho Ho Ho.jpg
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