I'm so happy you're here. Please stay awhile, and enjoy my attempt at letting you in on moments of this sweet little life.

My 11-Month-Old

My 11-Month-Old

We've had a lot going on this past month with my parents visiting and having to make a super quick, spur of the moment trip back to Illinois for a family emergency. We ended up being away from home for a total of about 12 days. Though it is always hard to leave family, especially during trying times, we are relieved to be home, sweet home.

This is the latest I've been on any of Kade's monthly updates. It's one thing I feel that I've really been able to stay "on the ball" with this first year of his life. Until now of course. I have started doing a daily countdown to his first birthday on my Instagram posting a photo of him from each month [starting with one of the last pictures taken of me about to POP]. Even though I did do an official 11-month photo shoot with Kade on the actual day he turned 11 months [ish- it's the 30th and February doesn't have one of those], I considered just skipping over this update all together. I considered it, yes, but I couldn't do it. We've come so far and I've been so good about doing it this whole time, I couldn't quit now.

SO! Here I am, weeks later, finally getting around to sharing a few of the photos I took that day as well as some fun things about Kade in this stage of his little life.

First of all, it is nearly IMPOSSIBLE to get photos of an 11-month-old sitting on a chair, looking at a camera, smiling, and holding up a card that says how old they are. Or even just sitting NEXT to a card that says how old they are without snatching it up. It's hard enough to get a baby this age to do even ONE of those things let alone all of them, at the same time. I'm also pretty sure I've been saying this after each monthly photo shoot for the past several months not realizing that it's only going to get harder.

[Milestone Cards]

Some of Kade's favorite things:
-Board books- He loves turning the pages and looking at the pictures. He especially loves when someone sits and reads to him... though it's best if the book is short, and/or you're a fast reader because he often times turns the pages before I'm done reading it. His favorites right now are Brown Bear, Brown Bear and Pete the Cat's Old MacDonald Had a Farm.
-Singing songs- Some favorites: Old MacDonald, Wheels on the Bus, BINGO, Baa Baa Black Sheep, 5 Little Monkeys, and ABC's.
-Eating snacks- still prefers to shovel in handfuls at a time continuing to make me a nervous wreck.
/\ These 3 things [books, songs, snacks] are probably the 3 things that can keep Kade's attention for the longest amount of time. They are LIFE SAVERS for us when it comes to things that he isn't quite fond of- which leads me to my next list.

Some of Kade's not-so-favorite things:
-Being restricted [car seat, high chair, stroller- though he LOVES being outside so that helps with this one]
-Long car rides
-Getting his fingernails clipped [unless mom is singing songs]
-Getting dressed [ain't nobody got time for that]
-Getting his diaper changed [again- what 11-month-old has this kind of time?!]
-Being told "no" [yay]

Kade also really loves being outside, listening and dancing to music, "bouncing" [being held or being bounced on someone's legs], swinging at the park, being upside down, climbing, his stuffed monkey, farm animals [in books and puzzles], seeing "kitties," and dogs, cruising along furniture, and being chased. He recently really likes to walk around holding onto someone's fingers and has an obsession with opening and closing doors and drawers.

He has attempted to say these words:
-monkey ["kee"]
And says all sorts of other babbling words such as "doo," "dada," "mama," "nana," "geegee," "baba" etc.
We are pretty sure he has associated "baa baa" with sheep and have gotten him to say "moo" for a cow a couple of times.

He is officially taking 2 [usually] decent naps a day and for awhile there was waking only once [typically] at night. It feels like he has been working [miserably] on cutting his top two teeth for what feels like ages. That teething monster has been the cause of some long nights for him and I as he has been waking more and having a hard time getting back to sleep. :( It has also caused him to be a bit more whiny/fussy/irritable/clingy/needy than normal.

His favorite part of breakfast is scrambled eggs with cheese, and his favorite part of dinner is when I make him a toasted [with coconut oil] turkey/cheese sandwich on thin wheat bread. Big surprise the kid likes cheese [if you know me at all, this makes a lot of sense].

Kade can:
-Find his toes and other people's toes
-Find just about anyone/anything's eyes, usually nose and sometimes mouth
-Give a high 5
-Find the star on each page of his Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star book
-Put his hands up when asked how big he is [the classic "soo big" trick]
-Clap/play pat-a-cake
-Play peek-a-boo
He looks outside when asked to find the trees, crawls to the stairs when someone mentions going up or downstairs, he knows a d can find his books, his walker, and will shake anything you ask him to. He can nod his head "yes" and "no" and will usually "dance" if you ask him to. He crawls to the bath when it's bath time and for some reason knows, looks for, and finds my slippers when they're in the room and I ask him to. He is fascinated by yet also terrified of the dishwasher when it's running and loves watching people vacuum.

Here is how he does "soo big" - LOL

He is still very, very shy around adults he does not know and gets scared pretty easily around them. He warms up much quicker to women than men and he loves other babies/kids. When he is in a new place with new people, he tends to the "sit back and watch" approach until he starts to feel comfortable. He comes off as quiet and timid around lots of people but is chatty, silly, noisy, and busy at home with mom and dad. He is typically very gentle and careful and is very interested in tiny details [small nails, screws, people's freckles, eyes on characters in books or stuffed animals, etc].

Our little baby Kade is turning into a toddler right before our eyes. It is hard for me to even believe that I am planning a first birthday party. I always told him he wasn't allowed to grow up and I'm not sure why he is ignoring that request. Since I know that it will only go faster once he turns one, I plan to continue taking as many pictures and videos as I can and to soak up and savor every last drive-by, on-the-go snuggle and sloppy, wet, slobbery kiss that I get. And if he wants to stand and pull on my pant legs as I attempt to make dinner each night just because he loves and needs me that much then so stinkin' be it. When he's a too-cool 6th grader I will look back on those leg hugs and miss them so bad it hurts.

Happy 11-months my sweet boy! <3

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