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Real Reason to Love Your Kitchen

Real Reason to Love Your Kitchen

I'm going to be pretty real with you guys and tell you that I've actually felt a bit grumpy this week. I had a few days that felt really long, my patience ran thin, and I was letting little things get to me and overwhelm me. On top of that, I think I was trying to shake a case of the winter blues. Why does winter feel like it lasts forever?

So, for my thankful Thursday post this week, I have to say that I am thankful for my husband, Kyle. He gave me two major perspective checks that really helped to set my mind back on track.

The first one came when I was complaining about how badly I wish we had a nice, new, updated kitchen and could just buy all the things to decorate our home the way we want. I know, send in the world's tiniest violins to play me a song of sympathy. That's when Kyle said "Yea, that would all be great and I wish that too. But honestly, I love our kitchen tile that looks pink and our weird, cheap, patterned countertops because you get to be home with Kade every day."

Kyle and I have always been on the same page in that we both dreamt of me getting to be a stay at home mom for our children someday. We never thought that the Lord would provide for us in a way that would allow it to happen this soon. This is one of the biggest blessings we've ever received and I wouldn't trade my time at home with Kade for all the farm sinks and subway tile backsplashes in the world. For right now, in this stage of our lives, this is our home. It is comfortable, it is ours, it is where I'm watching my baby grow up, it is perfect.

The second reminder came when I was fed up with Kade at the end of the day because he'd learned that he can roll over on his changing mat. How we made it this long without him realizing that was a possibility is beyond me but HOLY COW it is a whole new world of diaper changing. The kid refuses to lay on his back and let me change his diaper. He wants to roll and crawl right off the edge- mid-butt-wipe. I was also frustrated that day because I had a long list of things that I was hoping to get done and I was feeling like I couldn't do any of them. Kade has been teething and with that comes lots of whining [understandably so] and clinginess. If I'm not paying attention to him, he is at my feet trying to climb up my legs or yanking on my pants. He is also becoming more curious and adventurous than ever and wants to get into ALLLLL the things he isn't supposed to. Nap times are so precious and I'm grateful that he takes two of them but they never feel long enough to accomplish much.

As I'm feeling all of these things, sweating after trying to clean up after a poopy diaper and undress the kid for his bath, I carry him to Kyle who is waiting for us in the bathroom and he says "I know you sometimes have hard days like today, but you have to try and remember to soak them in because they will be gone before you know it and you will look back and miss them." Cue all the tears. I didn't actually cry but I could have. How true is that statement?? I am always SO careful to not wish away any of the stages that Kade has been in and I even try REALLY hard to never say things like "I can't wait until he..." - just because I so badly want to appreciate every second of him being little.

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I am so grateful for a husband who can snap me out of a silly funk when I need it. I am grateful for pink kitchen tile and cheap, patterned countertops. I am grateful for outdated cabinets and no backsplash. I am grateful for the challenge my baby gives me of wiping a butt on-the-go and the strength I am gaining as I wrestle through dressing and undressing him. I am grateful that my baby clings to me and that he needs me. I am grateful for his curious and adventurous nature.

And last but not least, one actual material thing I am grateful for this week is my Ergo360 carrier. This is the only thing that allows me to get anything productive done some days. I will also add that vacuuming with a 20-ish pound baby attached to you is NO JOKE. That's hard work people. But I wouldn't have it any other way. :)

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