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Love Bug Footprint

Love Bug Footprint

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I was always terrified to put paint anywhere on my baby. The thought of the chaos and mess it could cause totally terrified me but as Kade gets older I'm learning to embrace this part of motherhood. ;) I have yet to paint his hands for anything but I have become pretty comfortable with doing footprints. There are so many fun footprint projects to do with babies/toddlers and they make the best cards, gifts, fridge dΓ©cor, and/or keepsakes.

Around Halloween, Kade and I made his very first footprint craft. We did a white footprint on a black piece of paper and turned it into a spooky ghost. Here is how that one turned out:

We missed Thanksgiving though I thought about it- does that count? That's how I feel about working out sometimes. If I just THINK about doing it, it's the same as doing it... right? If only that were true... I'd be in the best shape of my life. Anyway- the next footprint craft we did was at Christmas time. We used green paint this time and made Mistle Toes:

We made three of these and gave them as gifts to both sets of grandparents at Christmas. The third one was for our fridge. :) Our most recent footsie craft was a love bug of course for Valentine's Day!

Here's what you need for this one:
-Red paint poster paint [Target has this brand too]
-Bowl for paint
-White cardstock
-Hot pink cardstock
-Black cardstock
-Black pipe cleaners
-Googly eyes
-Black sharpie
-Red sharpie
-Paper cutter

I have found that for each time we have done one of these, it is important to be prepared to do several of them. I think I made about 12 white footprints for that Halloween project and only 3-4 of them turned out decent. I like to get my paint and paper all set up well before I even think about putting paint on Kade's foot.

I have done the footprints two different ways. If it's just me doing this by myself as opposed to with someone there to help, I find that it works better to have him sitting in his high chair. I paint his foot and bring the paper to him. I can get a good grip on his ankle/foot with one hand and hold the paper with the other.

If I have someone there to help [Kyle assisted with the mistle-toes and my mom was in town to help with this one], then it works great to have a few pieces of paper lined up and have one person hold him [facing out] while the other guides the foot to the paper. This way is a bit quicker because you can have the paper all lined up and just do a quick re-paint of the foot in between each print as you go down the line of papers.

I typically do the footprints well in advance before doing anything more with them since they need time to dry. Once they are dry, I pick the best ones and start crafting. For the love bug, I cut up 6 pipe cleaners and bent them to make insect legs. I cut 2 more about the same size and used them as antennae. I hot glued all these pipe cleaners to the footprint as well as two googly eyes. I used a black sharpie to give our love bug a little grin and a red sharpie to add some heart details. If you don't have googly eyes and you don't want to buy a whole bag just for a love bug or two, you can just draw eyes with the black sharpie.

Then I carefully cut around the edge of the love bug and glued it onto the hot pink cardstock. I used the paper cutter to cut the pink paper to a size that framed the love bug. You can just use scissors for this if you don't have a paper cutter. I made sure to leave some room at the bottom to write "love bug." I used the paper cutter again to cut some black card stock for an additional frame. Then I used my black sharpie to write the words at the bottom.

Here is our finished product:

This one is now up on our fridge with the other two. It's fun to see how his footprint has grown since Halloween. Nothing like little baby toes! :)

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