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Valentine Books

Valentine Books

As a former early childhood teacher, I have crazy amounts of love for children's books. The love is real, and actually borderline obsessive. Books are one thing we can never, ever, ever have enough of. My library of picture books that I have collected from my preschool and kindergarten teacher years is a decent size, and now as a momma, my library of board books has been growing too. I have SO many books that I can't wait to share with Kade as he gets older, but for right now we will be sticking with sturdy.

I love getting board books to go along with the different seasons and holidays so that I can switch them out for him throughout the year. That was always one of my favorite parts about teaching... taking out a new, fresh, stack of themed books for our shelves. Plus, since I'm trying to build up our board book library, doing this gives me an excuse to buy a few new books with each new season. :)

I wanted to share some of our Valentine favorites that we've been reading over and over again lately. There are TONS of other cute Valentine books out there [don't get me started... I want to buy them all] but these are our faves of the ones we actually own [so far ;)].

1. Babies Love Valentines
These are THE BEST lift-a-flap books. We have Things That Go and First Words as well and Kade absolutely loves them. I might even go as far as saying they are his favorites right now. The pages are really thick and the flaps are equally as thick which is the best part. They are easy for him to open and close WITHOUT destroying them in the process.

2. Love You Always
I don't think this one is super popular but we love it. Kade's grammy got this one for him [along with half the other books I'm writing about... grammy's are good for that sort of thing ;)]. It has short and sweet rhyming poems on each page and Kade loves turning the page by putting his little hand inside the heart-shaped holes. The sparkly heart on the last page has a nice scratchy texture AND last but not least, it makes for a fun game of peek-a-boo.

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3. Love Monster
This is one of my favorite Valentine reads from Kindergarten. My students always loved hearing this story and we had a love monster art project in our art center that went along with it. It is more of a story so it is slightly longer than the rest of these but I couldn't NOT include it. I have it in regular paperback form as well but I'm excited to have it as a board book so that Kade can enjoy it now too.

4. Llama Llama I Love You
Who doesn't love the Llama Llama books??? They are the perfect length for little ones who only sit still for 5 seconds at a time and the rhymes in them are just stinkin' cute.

5. Where is Love, Biscuit?
If you've got a touchy-feely little one like mine, this is a must have. It has a great variety of textures and the concept of the story is very sweet. As much as Kade loves the soft textures, I sometimes think he likes the rough, scratchy ones even more. The "crunchy cookies" that they bake in this book are like sandpaper... not my cup of texture-tea but the kid loves them.

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6. Happy Valentine's Day, Mouse!
I just love the characters in Laura Numeroff's books- they are the cutest! Kade seems to think her characters are pretty cute too. :) We had Merry Christmas, Mouse in our favorite rotation of books at Christmas time which is a great counting book and also love It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse! at Halloween. We have the big version of this Valentine one and the [what seems like] giant pictures are so fun! It's always the first one Kade goes to grab out of his book basket.

vday books kade and mama 2.png

Happy reading!

Love Bug Footprint

Love Bug Footprint

Valentine Water Play

Valentine Water Play