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Valentine Water Play

Valentine Water Play

One of the best ways to entertain a little one when you're stuck inside is to just toss them in the tub with some bath toys, am I right? Sometimes Kade even plays with toys in the tub without any water while I get ready in the mornings. For this particular activity, we did a combination of those two and put a Valentine spin on it.

Here's what we used:

  • a heart shaped ice cube tray [ours was from the dollar store a few years ago but here is one that's similar]
  • red food coloring
  • a small clear tub
  • red and pink heart-shaped vase filler beads [I've had these for awhile and can't remember where I found them but these are similar. Also read about how we used these in our Valentine Shakers.]
  • the cutest little Valentine rubber duckies [assuming this was another dollar store find but you can get a 6-pack of these little cuties here]

The day before we did this activity, I filled the ice cube tray with some water and put one drop of red food coloring in each of the hearts and stuck it in the freezer.

The next day, I tossed some of the vase filler hearts in the clear tub along with two rubber ducks and two of these little plastic candy heart boxes that I had. I filled this tub a little less than half way with [room temperature] water and stripped my little guy down to his diaper. I wasn't confident that the colored water wouldn't stain his clothes which is why we just went without. I sat him in the [empty] bath tub with the water tub and dropped in two of the red heart-shaped ice cubes. You could easily just put the food coloring straight into the water and skip the whole heart-shaped ice cube step but it was fun for Kade to get to watch the ice cubes melt and the water change colors.

Two cubes actually made the water a light red/almost peachy color. Adding more cubes likely would have given a more rich red color.

Kade tub 2.png

He loved reaching into the water and pulling out all the goodies. He went for the bigger pieces first and then dug into the heart beads. If you are worried about your little one putting something like this in their mouth, then you might steer clear from the smaller items and just add some cups to splash around with. Kade loved the way those little hearts felt in his hands.

He wanted to grab as many of the hearts at once as he could and loved splashing the water in the process.

This activity was a hit for Kade and I was definitely glad it was in the bath tub because it made for very easy clean-up. The splashes on the white tub were pink-ish but all I had to do was run the water over them and they rinsed right off.

Other fun things to add to a tub for water play: sponges, cups, paint brushes, whisk, spoons

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