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#1 Way to Avoid a Meltdown

#1 Way to Avoid a Meltdown

Happy Thankful Thursday! To read my original thoughts behind this weekly post, click here. To get a peek into our lives this week and hear about some things to be thankful for, carry on. :)
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You'll have to read [or skip ;)] to the end to find out our current #1 way to avoid meltdowns but in the mean time, here's what I'm thankful for this week:

1. Father/Son Time
I think it's safe to says that all stay-at-home-moms can unite in the feeling we get when we hear the glorious sound of the garage door opening at the end of the day and our husband's car pulling in. It's like you've been wearing the thickest turtleneck, wearing a 20 lb backpack, doing hop scotch and juggling all at once all day long and then DAD gets home and you're light as a feather. [Disclaimer: I'm not saying that motherhood is miserable, just difficult. And busy. Motherhood is my favorite turtleneck and Kade is my favorite backpack]. All that being said, yes, it is nice for moms to have the help but it's even nicer for kiddos to play with and be loved on by their daddies. I am so thankful for the sweet time that Kade gets to spend with his dad each night. I can already see how much he loves and looks up to him and I can't wait to watch their friendship grow as he gets older.

2. Orange Skies
Self-explanatory. I've always had a thing for the sky. If you know me, you know this. We don't have the best view of sunsets from our house right now so I take what I can get through the trees, but this one from the other night turned the whole world orange. You know the kind that makes you say "woooaaah" when you look out the window, even if you can't see the sky. I wish I could have photographed the glow that the sky was creating but it wasn't something that could be captured. You can see in this photo though, how the orange of the clouds turned the sky the brightest blue. It was pretty beautiful.

Kade thought so too. :)

3. Kade's Sit-to-Stand Walker
If you follow me on any sort of social media, you would have seen some short clips of something major that started just yesterday, thanks to this popular pre-toddler toy. Kade has been pulling up and cruising around on furniture a lot lately but as of yesterday he started walking around with this thing all on his own. And just like that, he didn't seem quite like a baby anymore. I've already had that thought several times in his life [sitting unassisted, eating real food, crawling, standing in his crib, etc.] and I'm sure this isn't the last time. I'm so proud of Kade for figuring out how to push this thing around and move his little legs to get himself from A to B. I know that this is just the beginning of him learning to walk and I'm glad this toy exists to help him along the way.

4. Fog
Kind of a strange thing to be thankful for... and I'm sure I would have felt differently had I been out driving in it. But I wasn't. This was early in the morning as the sun was just coming up one day this past week and being on the inside looking out, it made for an awesome view.

OKAY HERE IT IS. The moment you've been patiently waiting for. My 5th "thankful" this week is also our current #1 way to avoid a meltdown. So what is it? What's the secret?

5. Cheerios
Yep... Cheerios. Plain ole whole grain Cheerios. Kade is absolutely obsessed with those tiny o's. He has been working on his top two teeth for some time now and Cheerios ALWAYS seem to help him cope. The pain seems to worsen at times when he is eating but for some reason, these don't count. He shovels them in like he's never seen food in his life [and he has, trust me]. It's not even just with teething pain though... when there's any sort of whining/crankiness/tears for any reason, I give the kid a Cheerio and he's good to go. It's kind of magical. When I go to put him in his car seat and he's not feeling it, CHEERIO. When he wants to put his mouth on the garbage can and I won't let him [terrible mom], CHEERIO. When we're at the store and he's had enough of resting his little bum on the cold, hard, plastic seat of the cart, CHEERIO. When I'm trying to stuff my face during a meal and he's tugging at my pants desperately wanting my attention, CHEERIO. I'm telling you- they work like a charm. And I'm serious when I say that when I put a few of these magical, o-shaped treasures in front of him, he literally puts them ALL in his mouth as fast as he can. All of them at once. For awhile, I was worried and was trying to teach him "one at a time," but I kind of gave up on that [for now]... he just wants all the Cheerios, all at once, all the time. I get it. I have similar feelings toward French fries.

We keep our Cheerios in this nifty, convenient little container that sits so nicely on our counter top at all times. I am to the point of thinking about putting one in every room. Kidding. Kind of. ;)

That photo pretty accurately sums up how he feels about Cheerios.

I'm sure every momma has their one saving grace that works for them and their about-to-totally-lose-it child. Right now, this is ours. If whatever you've been doing has stopped working and you're looking for a new trick, try Cheerios. I'm starting to feel like we are advertising for them and we're totally not, for the record, but I kind of feel like we could. The day that popping a Cheerio in Kade's mouth doesn't solve his problems will be a sad day. I'm well aware that this day will come... but until then, in Cheerios we trust.

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