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Why Mommas Need Grace

Why Mommas Need Grace

It's that time of the week, folks. Let's get thankful, yea? If you missed my original Thankful Thursday post and would like to know what it's all about and why I'm writing them, click here. If you missed my second Thankful Thursday post and want to read about our visit with Kade's Grammy, click here. If you missed last week's Thankful Thursday post and would like to read about why I was thankful for an outdated kitchen and challenging diaper changes, click here. If you are here now and would like to hear about what I'm thankful for this week, read on. :)

For starters, Kade is giving me a run for my money. He is SUCH a good baby and in all honesty, has been really easy in comparison to some of the other stories I hear and read about. But since he's my first and only, I don't have much to compare to when I'm home with him all day every day. When he is suddenly challenging, it's like the world is coming to an end [slightly dramatic]. Even on his most challenging days, he is a joy. I just like to throw myself little pity parties from time to time.

Kade at window.png

So the reason I say he is giving me a run for my money is because he is so stinkin' busy. He has, within the last week, started pulling up on just about everything, opening every door, finding every tiny screw or nail in the most random places, climbing into every cabinet, licking and slobbering all over every window, attempting [and succeeding] to climb stairs, and is just becoming overall GUTSY. This brings me to my first "thankful" for the week...

Kade climbs mama.png

We finally got a gate on our stairs... and it has lessened the headache [and the sprinting] quite a bit. We did not put one at the bottom of our stairs yet because we aren't down there enough to need it. Though Kade likes to lick it, hang on it, climb all over it, find all the tiny screws on it, etc., we will take all of those things over a tumble down the stairs aaaany day. Here is the gate we bought and LOVE.

As far as the cabinet locks go, I'm thankful for them and we haven't even installed them yet. I'm thankful that they exist. They are sitting on our kitchen counter as a gentle reminder that "hey, it's going to be okay." Most of our cabinets are safe [ish] for him to get into [nothing life threatening] but the two underneath the sink are a no-go. Of course these are the ones he wants the most. As I was trying to make our salads for dinner last night and had moved him away from those cabinets for the 57th time, I literally said the words "I think I'm going to lose it." The kid is so persistent. I am very much looking forward to these cabinet locks that will hopefully be installed after this weekend. You can find these perfect little inventions here.

You'd think he's opening the door to Narnia or something...

You'd think he's opening the door to Narnia or something...

2. Fresh Flowers
Ah yes, Valentine's Day was this last week. What a great excuse for husbands to buy their wives fresh flowers. Isn't it crazy what a difference something so simple can make sitting in the middle of your kitchen table? Put a bouquet of fresh flowers out and your house is automatically spotless and it's spring.

3. Our Fisher Price Play Table
Kade received this nifty thing as a gift from his Aunt Erin, Uncle Jason, and cousin Eliot at Christmas time. He absolutely loves it. I am thankful for it most recently because he has figured out how to pull up and stand at it independently which seems to keep him occupied for several minutes at a time. He has always been able to stand at it, but I always had to put him there and then sit behind him ready for him to fall back when he decided he was finished. Now he can get there himself, play independently, and for the most part, safely figure out his way down when he's done. Plus it plays really cute, catchy songs that I am kind of okay with having stuck in my head most of the day.

4. [Somewhat] Warmer Weather
I would say sunshine, but that was in my last week's post. We have had so much sun lately and it has been literally THE best [give me ALLLL the vitamin D]. You know you're ready for spring when upper 30's and low 40's makes you want to wear shorts and flip flops. I didn't... but I wanted to. Kyle's birthday was last Friday and his dad was in town for a quick visit. The 4 of us were able to get out for a nice, long, 2.5 mile walk in a nature preserve. It was chilly but by the end we were all sweating. It felt amazing.

5. God's Grace
Because some days, as wives, as moms, we have it all together. We get all the laundry done. We make the bed. We have the groceries bought- for the whole week. And meals planned. We get dinner on the table. We try new recipes and they're delicious. The house is clean. We vacuumed. We showered. We wore make up and jeans. We put all the toys away and let the baby finger paint. We read our bible. We put the baby down and went to bed early. We rocked it and feel like we could conquer the world.

And then some days... most days, rather... we don't. The laundry is overflowing and the one load we did we forgot about and it sat in the washing machine for two hours. We fed the baby cheerios all day and had ourselves a kit kat for "lunch." We throw in a frozen pizza for dinner. The house is a disaster. We broke toe nails on toys and baby gates. There's pureed food on the carpet. We stayed in our pajamas and never got around to even looking in the mirror. The baby wouldn't nap. We found the baby licking the kitchen floor. We ruined our best sauce pan by leaving carrots in the steamer until the water boiled out and they burnt and stunk up the entire house [this one rings true as of yesterday]. We just can't get it together. We are worn out and the day is never ending.
These are the days we need grace. The first paragraph in my Jesus Calling devotional from yesterday says it all. "Nothing is impossible with Jesus." Praise the Lord, mommas. He is good, and You are loved.

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