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Thankful Thursdays

Thankful Thursdays

I've never been one to make New Year's Resolutions, let alone make them and keep them. I'm trying really hard to make 2017 the year that changes. Kyle and I made a "resolution" together at the beginning of January to share three things with each other that we are thankful for at the end of each day. Some nights our responses are as simple as "sleep" (can I get an 'amen?') and other nights we have more specific or elaborate responses. The little things in life are most often the best things and it can be so easy to overlook those little things in the hustle of our busy lives.

This resolution has been great so far for several reasons:

  • We all know how easy it is to lay in bed at night next to your spouse and stare at your phone. This has encouraged us to have some meaningful conversation before going to bed.
  • It has allowed us to reflect back on our day and share things with each other that we otherwise may have forgotten about.
  • Some days are more of a challenge than others, for both of us. On these days, doing this has helped to remind us to focus on the positive and leave the negative stuff behind.
  • Though some days are a challenge, most days are a joy, and EVERY day is a blessing. This brings our focus back to thanking God for all He has blessed us with.

In honor of this resolution and starting this blog, I want to do a weekly post sharing some of the things that I have been thankful for over the past week. My hope for these posts are that they would uplift, encourage, and keep the focus on those positive vibes *fist bump.*

Here are my thankfuls this Thursday:

1. Box forts
When we moved to Minnesota, Kyle purposefully saved a bunch of the bigger moving boxes that we had in hopes of someday building a fort/tunnel out of them for Kade. Now that he is a big time mover and shaker, we (ok not "we," just Kyle) were able to haul the boxes down from the rafters in the garage and make it happen. As of last weekend, we now have a series of box fort tunnels taking up half of our playroom in the basement. It's so fun!

2. Black beans
Kade tried black beans for the first time this week and has been eating them like a champ. So far, he prefers them mashed and mixed with his beloved carrot puree (big fat "no thank you" on my end but hey, whatever works for the kid). We tried them whole but he wasn't so sure... we will keep working on that.

3. Jerry's Foods
This is our local grocery store. It is literally 5 minutes away from our house and is so stinkin' convenient. This past week, we (either myself and Kade, just Kyle, or all three of us) were there three days in a row. And then I went back a fourth time later in the week. The employees know and recognize Kade and I and the lady at the deli counter knows that we want mesquite smoked turkey and Havarti cheese before I even have to tell her.

4. Fresh snow
The slightly spring-ish weather we had last week was a major tease and had it not been for the fresh snow we got, I probably would've been feeling a little bitter. Don't get me wrong, I am 110% ready for spring, but if we have to deal with winter longer, at least let there be fresh snow.

5. Tin foil
Yes, I am thankful for tin foil. Kyle and I are both pretty anti-dinner-clean-up so I am all about using tin foil on a pan when I cook in the oven any chance I get. Easy clean-up for the win *high five.*

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