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1st Trimester in Review [Baby#2]

1st Trimester in Review [Baby#2]

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If pregnancy with your second baby is any indication for how quickly time goes in general the second time around then we are in big trouble because this is flyyyyying so far. I'll let you know if that still feels true in the 3rd trimester. ;)

We are feeling SO incredibly blessed to be expecting our second little bundle this July. Our official due date is July 22nd, but I had a C-section with Kade because he was breech (my birth story was featured on the Peony & Pine Company blog - scroll down to find "Birth Story: Kade Parker" if you want to read more about that). Because of that, we will be scheduling a repeat C-section this time as well which will likely be the 14th. Kade was born in March so this will be my first time experiencing any sort of pregnancy in the summer. I used to always think that sounded absolutely miserable and I never wanted to spend my summer that way or have a newborn at that time. I also always thought summer birthdays got complicated with knowing when to start kids in school, and I felt like kids with summer birthdays always got jipped at school because they didn't get to bring in "treats" or wear the special crown (though if you're a GOOD teacher, you celebrate HALF birthdays for those kiddos ;)). My mindset has totally changed for several reasons. 1. After the nasty flu epidemic this winter, I am so relieved that I will not have to worry about any of that nearly as much 2. Summer birthday parties are SO fun 3. In terms of being pregnant, I can wear dresses which means NO PANTS *praise Jesus* 4. It will be a LOT less work getting myself and my toddler (and a newborn eventually) out the door to run errands (no coats, hats, mittens, etc.) - at this point I feel like I have run a marathon by the time we're done. 

Speaking of feeling like I ran a marathon, I think that was probably my #1 1st trimester symptom this time around. With Kade, I was tired, yes, but with this pregnancy, I felt pure exhaustion 24/7. I mean, I literally felt like I could have fallen asleep on command at any time of day no matter where we were or what we were doing. I was SO sleepy but also physically exhausted. I would walk up the stairs from switching the laundry and felt like I needed to lay down. That being said, I feel incredibly blessed that not only was that my #1 symptom but also my biggest and only real hurdle. I know how many women struggle with so many different things throughout the 1st trimester and some even beyond that... I honestly don't think I could handle it. I am such a wimp when it comes to sickness and what not, that I truly think the Lord has blessed me with easy pregnancies (thus far) because He knows I was meant to be a mom and if that wasn't the case then I may not have many kids. At this rate, if all my pregnancies are this easy then I will keep going until my doctors refuse to perform anymore C-sections on me (ps side note/tangent... every doctor is different on that... I've heard some say they will only do 3 but I know some people who have had 5. That's so bizarre to me!). Also don't quote me on that because I very well could change my mind depending on how much transitioning from 1-2 kids makes me want to rip all my hair out. ;)

So aside from the exhaustion, the only other symptom(s) I really experienced were some food aversions/cravings (basically certain things not sounding good or sounding REALLY good), and some very subtle nausea if I got too hungry or right before I started to get hungry. I would eat something and then within 30 minutes to an hour I was starving again. Which was tough because I felt like the hungrier I got, the less great I felt. With Kade, I had about 1-2 weeks tops where I experienced some nausea as well but nothing crazy. That feeling was worse I think with Kade... at least to the point where I borrowed my friend's peppermint oil to put on my wrists at night and had to buy mints for random times throughout the day to curb the sick feeeling. I could barely eat ANYTHING during those 2 weeks and that was really hard for me. But again- total wimp. Some women have it so much worse!

During my very short "aversion" phase, I didn't want my typical lunch or breakfast (I'm a creature of habit and typically eat the same things for those 2 meals every day) so I had to try and switch it up. I went through a phase where all I wanted for lunch was fried mozzarella sticks. Super healthy choice. I didn't really crave anything sweet during that time (that's over now thank goodness) but a cheeseburger and fries always sounded great (still do).

I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks and I don't know if it's just me but I always have that slight moment of panic that they are going to find two babies in there. I think I asked the ultrasound tech like 3 times if she was SURE there was only one. Twins don't necessarily run in either of our families but whew. You just never know. Hearing the heart beat for the first time always makes it feel so real, too. It is definitely the best part of all those OB appointments! I really didn't feel like I was starting to show much at all until around 13-14 weeks. Now I feel like I've started to pop a little more at almost 16 weeks though it's still very easy to hide and it could easily pass for having eaten too many carbs.

At this point, I am well into my second trimester and honestly feeling really great. I have a bit more energy, my appetite feels fairly normal now (aside from wanting popsicles in the dead of winter and pickles with my lunches), and I THINK I MAY have started to feel teeny tiny baby movements though they are very inconsistent still at this point. I'm also very well aware that it could have been a twitch or just me digesting my meals (lol). My next appointment is my 16 week one this Monday and the first that I actually have to bring Kade along to. I was lucky enough that Kyle had some time off around the holidays when I was having my first few appointments so he was able to stay home with him. After this appointment is already our 20-week scan and that just blows my mind.

At this point, we are planning on NOT finding out the gender. This is the way we did it with Kade and we absolutely loved it. It is so incredibly difficult to wait but the anticipation, the excitement, and the JOY we felt in that moment on that day he was born made the long wait so so worth it. It's fun to predict and discuss and have people make guesses and it's REALLY fun to get to share so many exciting things at once. We didn't share potential names with anyone either so getting to tell the world that 1. our baby is here 2. this is the gender 3. this is their name - is all just so much fun. People always say "I could never do it, I'm such a planner!" and I totally get it because I am too. I typically need to know every little detail in advance and have all plans set in stone but there are just very few surprises this sweet and special in life that I force myself to let go of all that just this once (or twice or however many times we do this- ha!). Also, my sister-in-law has a close friend who was told several times throughout their pregnancy (through ultrasounds etc) that they were having a girl, bought all the pink, decked out the nursery, and then they gave birth to a big ole baby boy and THAT, my friends, is enough to make me want to wait. Haha! I know it's so rare and such a lame excuse but that would reeeally throw me for a loop.

I knew all along that Kade was a boy. I had that gut feeling... that motherly instinct. This time, I've got nothing. We are also struggling more with names this time around. Surprisingly, we have more potential boy names than girl names (which is odd because I have always felt like girls' names came way easier to me) but we have plenty of time! When we ask Kade what he is hoping for, he says baby sister/baby girl (probably because he is obsessed with Baby Margaret on Daniel Tiger). We are not hoping for one or the other, but just praying that the Lord will bless us with another healthy baby!

I didn't start taking weekly bump pictures until 14 weeks so here is what I have so far (and yes, you can tell that I'm holding a tiny remote in the 14 week one because when your husband's at work all day and you're home with a toddler, you have to use a tripod and take pictures yourself):

1st Trimester in Review - Baby Number 2 14 wk bump
1st Trimester in Review - Baby Number 2  15 wk bump

Also noticing that my bump somehow looks bigger in the first picture? I think my jeans were sitting weird in the 15 week one. Trust me- it's not shrinking. And that sweet banner was made for me by my friend at Glitter Party Co - Isn't it the cutest?!

Here are a few of the other pictures we took when we were taking pictures for an announcement.

1st Trimester in Review - Baby Number 2 6.jpg
1st Trimester in Review - Baby Number 2 2.jpg
1st Trimester in Review - Baby Number 2 3.jpg
1st Trimester in Review - Baby Number 2 4.jpg
1st Trimester in Review - Baby Number 2 5.jpg

The lightweight, cream and red stripe cardigan I'm wearing in these pictures is from Shop PinkBlush. I love it so much and am thrilled that I will be able to wear it no matter how big I get ;) and even into spring since it's so thin. I love having a few long, soft long-sleeve maternity tees that I can wear in the winter and then just jazz them up with different cardigans. The cardigans can be worn pregnant or not so the more the merrier! PinkBlush has some of the cutest, affordable maternity wear (and non-maternity, too!)... I even have a couple dresses from them from when I was pregnant with Kade that I'm so excited to get to re-wear soon. Be sure to check them out if you haven't yet! (This cardigan was gifted through their ambassador program but I purchased from them before being in the program and all opinions are 100% my own).

Thanks for reading! XO

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