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16 Newborn Must-Haves

16 Newborn Must-Haves

16 newborn must-haves

I think I searched and read through every possible "Newborn Must-Haves" post on Pinterest there ever was when I was pregnant with Kade. I tapped into all my mom friends and relatives before registering and I posted the classic FB status "ATTN: MOMS! Name one baby item you can't live without!" We've all seen that one at least once right? Well, I'm no expert, but now that I've done it once, and am expecting baby #2, I have compiled a list of some of our favorite baby items, as well as some new ones that I can't wait to try out this time.

I have linked each item back to either a shop's website, or to Amazon for easy shopping/browsing access. ;) Some links in this post are affiliate links, meaning that I would receive a small profit if you were to purchase something through that link. All thoughts and opinions are my own and products are only linked if they are ones I truly and honestly recommend.

1. Dock-a-Tot
[I received this product as a gift for review, courtesy of Dock-a-Tot.]
Dock-a-Tot is a multi-functional co-sleeper and playtime lounger that can be conveniently used in so many ways. This is a product that I have not yet tried, but have tons of friends who swear by it. I had to try it for myself. We did not co-sleep with Kade, and don't plan to with this baby, however, we are excited to use our dock-a-tot for casual naps around the house, tummy time, and just a comfortable place for baby to relax. The dock-a-tot grows with your baby as it comes in two sizes (deluxe: 0-8 mos and grand: 9-36 mos). This helps keep your little one snug and cozy for as long as possible. This product has been tested for breathability, is all-natural (100% cotton), and is an ideal micro-climate for babies and toddlers. I have heard that the grand dock-a-tot is great for transitions to toddler beds, too! Stay tuned for a post with a full review once we get a chance to try our dock-a-tot out firsthand. ;) 

2. The Ollie Swaddle
[I received this product as a gift for review, courtesy of The Ollie World.]
This is another product that I have not yet used personally, but am looking forward to trying. We swaddled Kade like crazy when he was little and it was a life saver. He was the type of babe who couldn't really sleep if he WASN'T swaddled. That had its pros and cons of course. ;) But I'm pretty sure we will be swaddling this second bundle of joy at least at the beginning as well. We typically used Halo Swaddles and Sleep Sacks at night time and used swaddle blankets for naps during the day. I'm excited to try a new brand of swaddle this time around for something different.

The materials of the Ollie Swaddle is like magic- it's made from custom moisture-wicking material to reduce the risk of overheating (a MUST for a mid-July baby!). The open/knotted bottom style allows for custom fit to meet the needs of each individual baby, and also makes for easy access diaper changes. There is only one size of the Ollie Swaddle which is great because we all know how quickly those little nuggets grow on us. There are a few different color options and we went with the light grey to keep things nice and neutral. Be on the look out for a full review once we test it out!

3. Muslin Swaddle Blankets
These are an absolute MUST. We used mostly Aden & Anais brand with Kade and we completely wore them out because we used them so much. I am definitely hanging onto them for this next baby but it's always fun to start fresh, too, right? This time, I decided to try a couple from Clementine Kids because their prints are TO DIE for and I love the idea of supporting a small shop! We received two of their muslin swaddles and I can hardly wait to see our sweet babe wrapped up in them.

4. AngelCare Video & Movement Monitor
I cannot stress enough how much I recommend a good video monitor. This is a product that I am especially passionate about due to the sudden loss of our 10-month-old nephew in his sleep in 2014. This video monitor comes with a movement sensor pad that goes underneath the mattress and detects even the slightest bit of movement (like baby breathing). It has to be on a hard/flat surface so we had a thin wooden board cut to the size of our crib that we placed underneath the mattress (so it goes wooden board, movement pad, mattress- and YES, it still detects a baby breathing THROUGH the thickness of the mattress- do not ask me how).

This monitor brought me SO MUCH peace throughout the first year of Kade's life regardless of a few false alarms here and there as he got older and decided he enjoyed sleeping in the very farthest corners of his crib where breathing was more difficult to detect. I would take a few false alarms over anything actually happening to my baby any day. This is not to say that this monitor will save a baby's life by any means. BUT, I will say that it calmed my heart, allowed me to sleep easier, and gave just a little bit of extra peace of mind knowing that there was an alarm that would go off if movement was not detected for a certain amount of time. The alarm is able to be shut off from the parent unit so when there were false alarms, I would quickly shut the alarm off and then I was able to go in and check on him. As I said, the only false alarms we experienced were when he was older and started sleeping in strange positions and locations of his crib. I highly recommend this monitor if you are looking for that little something extra to help you sleep at night. :)

5. Covered Goods Multi-Use Cover
This 4-in-1 multi-use cover is another product that I am SO excited to try this time around. Covered Goods is the original master mind behind the most brilliant invention. Their covers can be used as nursing covers, car seat covers, shopping cart covers, and/or a cute fashion scarf. They have SO MANY adorable prints (solids, too), and are made with the softest, most thin and breathable fabric. I'm especially looking forward to using my Covered Goods cover for the car seat to help protect this babe from the sun this summer and am thankful that I can feel confident that they will stay cool with such a breathable fabric. I am also looking forward to trying this product as a nursing cover since I really struggled with the covers I used with Kade and never felt comfortable nursing on-the-go. I know that I will need to be more flexible with that this time as life does not stop for your second newborn ;) and I think this product will really help with that.

6. Beluga Baby Wrap
[I received this product as a gift for review, courtesy of Beluga Baby.]
I never mastered the art of baby wearing with Kade and how sweet that the Lord blessed me with another baby so I could try again. :) I'm really excited to try out the Beluga Baby Wrap this time and am feeling SO motivated to watch aaaalllll the tutorials and master it. I really want to be able to stay active with Kade once the baby comes and I know that baby wearing will play an important role in that. I received two wraps from Beluga Baby and they are SO SOFT I can hardly stand it. They offer tons of cute patterns/colors and will be perfect for walks to the park this summer. Stay tuned for a review of this product once baby arrives!

7. Boppy Nursing Pillow
I used this pillow a ton in the beginning with Kade. Figuring out how to nurse was quite the challenge for us and this pillow really helped to make life a little easier (and more comfortable). I also really loved using our Boppy pillow for lounging and tummy time. Kade wasn't a fan of tummy time for awhile until we started using this. It allowed him to be just a little bit more propped up, and to use his hands a little more easily. I would place a colorful board book on the floor in front of him as he laid on this pillow and he was happy as a clam.

8. Diaper Genie
This is probably pretty self-explanatory but has definitely been an obvious necessity. We were given an excellent piece of advice early on in our first pregnancy and that was to go with the actual Diaper Genie brand as opposed to an off-brand. One of my best friends got an off-brand and said that it did not mask the stench very well, they ended up having to buy the actual Diaper Genie anyway and were way happier.

9. Fisher Price 4-in-1 Sling n' Seat Tub
We are crazy about bath time over here... like I don't think Kade has gone a single night his entire life without a bath. Ok other than the first week or so when you're not supposed to bathe them yet. We registered for, and received this Fisher Price bath and absolutely loved it! We used every single stage that it offered until Kade was big enough to sit up on his own in the actual bath. In fact, we used it for probably longer than what we needed to because Kyle always liked the idea of not having to fill the whole tub each night (in an attempt to save water). Definitely recommend this product for bathing!

10. Breathable Mesh Crib Bumper
I'm a bit of an over-the-top, paranoid, safety nut when it comes to crib sleeping and this was one of the things that I was really glad to have as an option. I knew I wanted a bumper in Kade's crib because I didn't really want him bumping his head on the rails or anything as he got older (plus it just seems more cozy), and I liked the idea of possibly being able to crawl out of the room without being seen if need be ;) (stealth mom mode- we've all been there). So I knew I wanted a bumper of some sort but didn't like the idea of him snuggling up next to it and not being able to breathe. Enter the breathable mesh crib bumper. We got the white one to match our crib and I was very pleased with how it looked and worked as a bumper!

11. Lansinoh Disposable Nursing Pads
Legit lived in these babies. Tried the super soft, organic, bamboo something or other re-useable kind for like a day and leaked through them so fast (TMI? Sorry). I had an oversupply while nursing and I never had an issue with leaking when using these. Ended up buying them in bulk because I used them so much. If you are planning to breastfeed, these are a must!

12. Pacapod Backpack Diaper Bag
Once you go backpack... you'll never go back... pack? That was confusing. What I'm trying to say is if you've never had a backpack diaper bag, and then you get one, you'll never want anything else. It is SO NICE  and SO NECESSARY to be able to have your hands-free with a little one. I have had a couple of different ones now and love having this bag as one of my go-to options. Pacapod has a ton of different styles of bags but I linked the style I have. They come with little "pods" that help packing your bag that much easier- especially if you are traveling with your little one! One of the pods is even insulated and can be used with a freezer pack to help keep things cool.

13. Bibs
If they gave awards for being drooly, Kade would have won first place. He was the drooliest baby ever and I NEVER took advantage of all the cute bibs that exist. I'm changing that this time around for sure. I just lived life with a burp cloth attached to me, which is fine, but I think a few cute bibs would also help me from having to change the baby's clothes 8 extra times a day because they soaked them with drool. I linked some cute ones that I've had my eye on and have heard good things about from Copper Pearl.

14. Car Mirror
Another definite must-have! For obvious reasons, I feel. This is the one we ordered and have really liked. We tried a different one that didn't work as well on our headrest and had to return it but this one has been great. I loved being able to look in my rearview mirror and see what Kade was up to, or if he was awake or asleep without having to basically climb back there myself. ;)

15. Burp Cloths
Like I said before, I lived with one of these attached to me for the longest time with how drooly Kade was. They were also a life saver for dealing with oversupply while nursing because everything was just messy all the time. I pretty much used Gerber cloth diapers but since I used them SO often, I'm determined to try out some cuter prints this time. ;) I linked Copper Pearl again (the same site as I did for the bibs) because I've heard great things about their burp cloths as well and am excited to try them out.

16. Basic Sleepers & Onesies
It is so hard to resist all of the cutesy, teeny, tiny fashionista newborn outfits with a new tiny baby but Kade honestly didn't end up wearing half of them. We didn't go anywhere for awhile because I was recovering from my C-section and I never felt like I needed to dress him up just for sitting around the house. I felt that I wanted him to be comfortable, and I wanted clothing that was practical. He lived in simple sleep and plays and onesies for the longest time and am trying to remind myself of that this time around, too! I linked to Colored Organics for some good quality basics as I have friends who absolutely love their clothing and I can't wait to see for myself. ;)

And there you have it! I'm sure I forgot something in there but those were the main things this time around that I either highly recommend, or am really looking forward to using with baby number two! I hope that you found this list to be helpful/beneficial- feel free to comment with any other must-haves that you recommend in addition to my list. Also be sure to keep a look out for a review on some of these products that I will be trying out once baby arrives (in almost a MONTH!).

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