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13-15 Month Update

13-15 Month Update

I think I've probably said this every month since the very beginning of Kade's life but I truly, honestly, whole-heartedly feel that THIS STAGE is my favorite. THIS is the stage where you're like "okay now I see how people have more kids." THIS is the stage where you completely forget about how uncomfortable you felt the last few weeks of your pregnancy. THIS is the stage where the all-night nursing sessions, inconsolable crying, and rocking/dancing around the room for hours to get your infant to sleep for 20 minutes starts to seem like a blur.

This stage includes: Learning to stand unsupported, taking first steps, being able to communicate, learning to say words and associating them to objects and people, knowing that your child understands what you're saying, exploring with snack and meal ideas, being able to ask your child what they want and have them actually be able to somehow communicate it to you, intentionally being silly/goofy, developing so much personality.

Kade now has 7 teeth, one of which showed up out of nowhere and I didn't even know he was working on. We've had a lot of "firsts" over the last few months including our first stomach bug :( and our first steps! We have officially ended our nursing journey [went out with a bang as he barfed on me during our last session #momlife], and that mixed with some kind of crazy growth spurt has resulted in being hungry ALL of the time. He is talking and repeating words that we say non-stop, consistently sleeping through the night [praise Jesus hallelujah], and as of now still taking two naps a day.

We got to spend a whole week at my parents' house over Memorial Day while Kyle worked on our kitchen renovation. This week included several dips in their pool, deciding that grammy's new name is "Mimi," bonding and becoming friends with "Pop-pop," meeting extended family members at a family party, discovering our true love and obsession with doggies, trying to eat rocks and lick stepping stones, popping bubbles, playing piano, going in a [not too hot] hot tub with jets, falling in the big bath tub and going under water, lots of wagon rides and wagon pushing, walks to the park, walks to get ice cream, new toys from a garage sale, and our first [Memorial Day] parade!

Kade loves trucks, cars, airplanes, balls, doggies, kitties, all animals really, babies, "tigey" [Daniel Tiger which he now gets to watch an episode of in the mornings with some cheerios in place of nursing], music and dancing, the vacuum, mimi and pop pop's rumba ["booba"] lawn mowers and leaf blowers, the garbage truck, blenders, Kyle's drill, hammers ["bang bang bang"], watching Kyle make coffee, the smell of coffee, bubbles, playing in water, the park, dumping things out of containers and putting them back in, putting lids on things, smoothies, cheese, books, light switches, pushing buttons, and eating snacks [duh].

He does not like getting his diaper changed, and not being able to see his mommy.

- Here is a list of words/things that Kade says, mostly for my reference because I never want to forget:
- mommy/mama
- daddy/dada/dadoo
- mimi [my mom]
- pop pop [my dad]
- doggy
- duck/ducky
- dee/dee-o [deer]
- kiki [kitty]
- cat
- bugbugbugbug [never just once]
- baby
- ball
- ca [for car and truck]
- hi chee [high chari]
- hi
- bye
- peek/peek-oo [peek a boo]
- butt/buh [button, belly button, butterfly]
- pee [plane]
- poppy [potty]
- poop/poopy [self-explanatory]
- papi [paci]
- book
- short "o" sound for on/off
- nyah-nyah [lawn mower - no clue how or why but it is consistent]
- bagelbagelbagel [never just once... I have a bagel every morning and he's caught on to this word that way and also associates cream cheese with bagelbagelbagel as well]
- boobie [blueberries and grapes]
- booba [rumba vacuum]
- baah [banana]
- bah [bath]
- bobbles [bubbles]
- ahhh [when he wants a drink or takes a drink]
- sings/hums the tune/tone I use when saying "more please" when he wants more of something
- boogie [self-explanatory]
- mayo [mail]
- tigey [Daniel tiger]
- cook
- hot
- cheeyo [a personal fave - cheerio]
- happy
- alk [walk]
- ooooooo [smoothie/blender]
- dobby [diapy]
- coopee [school bus - no clue how or why but it's consistent... this is also how he says screwdriver]
- dee da [ding dong]
- bee bee bee [when he hears a beep or beeping]
- dee dee [ding ding]
- bae bae bae [bang bang bang]
- deeeeeee [his drill noise or when he wants to see dad's drill]
- bi [my brother Bri]
- mee-ma [his friend Mia]
- augie [his friend Audrey]
- cok [clunk]
- hok hok [honk honk - when he touches my nose]
- ock ock [rock rock - when he wants to rock in his rocking chair or when he stands and rocks the glider]
- thank you
- hack [snack]
- ee [eat]
- cup
- di di [dinner]
- kick

AND MORE - I'm not kidding he will try to repeat just about any word we say and is picking up on evverrrything. His little sponge brain blows me away every day!

Animal sounds:
- hee haw - donkey
- tee tee - birds and dog barking for some reason
- baba - sheep
- maaaa - goat
- sssss [ish] - snake
- hoo hoo - owl
- moo - cow
- nay - horse
- ike ike - pig
- a little growl for bear
- a little "roar" for lion
- high pitched "aaahhh" for kitty [my fave]
- puts lips together for fishy

Other things I hope I never forget:
- the way he lays back on me when we rock and read books before naps and bed time
- the way his eyes light up and sparkle when he smiles at me and says "mommy"
- the way he sometimes eats snacks right off the floor or table without using his hands
- that he likes to hold his "papi" and his lovey [which he is still trying to decide how he says this word and nothing has stuck yet] when he sleeps [no he doesn't actually take the paci, he just likes to hold it]
- the way he gets very serious when he dances and eats snacks
- the way he gets so excited and full of pride and joy as he gains confidence in taking steps toward Kyle and I
- how much he makes me LAUGH every single day

Check back in at my next update, but I really mean it when I say this stage is my favorite. Such an incredible blessing to be this boy's momma! <3

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